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Region 7 - Bath Sathya Sai Group presents at Mayor of Bath’s Interfaith Day of Prayer

On the 3rd February 2013, the Bath Sai Group took part in the Mayor of Bath’s Annual Interfaith Day of Prayer.

This day of unity and brotherhood was celebrated in the beautiful Guildhall of Bath, which was filled to capacity. The Sai group was provided a display table and also took part in the presentations given by each of the faith groups. We were graced with the opportunity to present our Beloved Swami’s message of Universal Love.

The Mayor had asked each group to present projects on youth work; in particular work focussed on youth “Not in employment, education or training (the NEETS)”.

Our presentation was made against a projected backdrop of Swami’s teaching – “Love All - Serve All”.

It was delivered in the form of a dialogue presented by Susan Cullip and Yumesh Pillai, who spoke of the service project in Bath of making a sandwich run to the homeless, many of whom are young people who face various challenges. However, the major part of the presentation was presenting the inspiring service project of the Sathya Sai group in Newcastle upon Tyne.

This group has evolved from providing food and household items to the homeless, to tackling, with success, the area of helping people find employment and even set up their own businesses. The emphasis was on the way the group had worked to help the “Neets” find what we would call “the God within”, that inner source of self-confidence which gave them the energy to begin to help themselves.

At the end of our offering, the Mayor of Bath led the applause and said he had really been moved and found the project “an inspiration”; others also expressed similar sentiments. It was a privilege to let everyone know how we have all been inspired by Swami, his love and teachings.

The event was concluded by the Mayor's Chaplains leading the following prayer:
“Let There Continue to be Respect for the Earth, Peace for its People, Love in our Lives, Delight in the Good, Forgiveness for Past Wrongs, and Hope in All our Hearts.”

Jai Sai Ram

Mrs. Susan Rosie Cullip
Mr. Arun Bedi