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Region 1 - Brixton Sai Centre Ladies Day

Sunday 24 February 2013

On Sunday 24 February, Brixton Sai Centre held its quarterly Ladies’ Day programme. The proceedings started just before 11.30am with the reading of the Thought of the Day, followed by silent sitting for a few minutes.

Then, there were multi-faith prayers and group devotional singing led by the ladies for about 45 minutes, followed by the aaratee and a few minutes of guided meditation led by Sister Veena. A short discourse by Sister Bina followed on the benefit of smiling: it is good for health, is contagious, changes the atmosphere and also relieves stress and tension. Smiling helps our immune system and it has also been proved that it lowers blood pressure. It was a very informative discourse.

Thereafter a workshop was held by Sister Manon for the ladies only, with the men going into another room for a group discussion. The workshop topic was abuse, i.e. when someone is harassed, tortured, bullied or tormented by somebody else who feels that he or she is superior to the victim. Abuse can take many forms, for instance physical, emotional, mental, verbal or psychological, to cite some examples. These types of abuse can take place at work, at the home and also in places such as schools, hospitals and care homes. The victim often suffers from low self-esteem and self-worth, important to consider when Swaami says self-confidence is the foundation for achieving self-realisation. There were two key lessons learned:

1. everyone must be treated with love and respect, using soft, loving words; and
2. everyone has a valuable role to play: no one must be dismissed as useless.

Sister Manon educated everyone about how abuse can exist anywhere. It was a very good, interactive workshop, with everyone getting involved in the discussion.