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Region 4 - Shivaratri and Mothers Day Celebrations at Coventry SSE

Sunday 10th March 2013

The SSE Shivaratri and Mothers Day session was a very special one indeed. I hadnít attended an SSE morning for a while, my mum wanted to go and being Mothering Sunday, I happily went too.

We were greeted by a beautiful altar set-up by the SSE Gurus, complete with a Shivalingam.

The morning started with uplifting Multi-Faith prayers to our Mother Sai and continued with the Lingashtakam whilst every person in the room went up to the altar, one-by-one, and performed Lingam Puja. The children sang the Lingashtakam beautifully multiple times until the puja was complete.

2 SSE students, 2 young boys who had volunteered to create and deliver talks about Lord Shiva at the Centreís Shivaratri event the night before, spoke again this time in front of their peers. Mostly reciting by heart what they had researched and compiled, they each delivered a clear and confident talk.

It had been announced earlier in the programme that there would be a surprise for the Mothers in the room; they did not disappoint. What followed brought a few tears to the eyes of a few mumís and dadís in the room!

Each student, beginning with the eldest child, stood up and told their mums why they were special to them. It was a very touching exercise, despite many of the children being quite shy at first! Immediately after finishing, they each found their mum in the crowd and gave them a beautiful flower, a hug and kiss. A recent former SSE student also took part in this with heartfelt message for his mum.

The room was really spilling over with happy vibes and smiles all round! It was a well planned, successful event, an amazing way to start Mothering Sunday.

By Dharmishta Lad, Coventry