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Region 1 - Tooting Centres Motherís Day and Shivratri Celebrations

Sunday 10 March 2013

Whenever a mother conferred her blessings on her son, the Divine was present there to declare, "May it happen so."
Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 31 (Ch 22)

The programme commenced with a melodic invocation on the sitar with a traditional melody and bhajan set in raag bhairavi, to evoke a peaceful mood. This was followed by the recitation of Lingaashtakam and Sai Shiva Stotram which extol the virtues of Lord Shiva. The youth of Tooting Sai centre then presented the song Man mero laage na which was composed by Swami's students and was first presented on the occasion of his 58th Birthday in 1983 followed by bhajans, aarti, vibhuti and reading.

After the announcements SSE children offered their gratitude and thanks to their mothers, grandmothers and prostrations seeking their blessings. Of particular amusement were the nursery children who thanked their mums for giving them yummy food, reading books and playing with them. This was followed by the Youth, teachers and helpers, and centre members seeking the blessings from the respected elder ladies of the centre.

Shivratri celebrations continued with Group 1 year 2 students reciting the prayer "kailasarana Shiva Chandramouli" and bhajan "Nataraja", followed by Group 2 / Group 3 students presentation on Maha Shivratri. To ensure all in the audience were paying attention a short quiz followed, and yes the audience answered correctly.

The newly formed "Parents Study Group" started their presentation with recitation of "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu" prayer, followed by explaining Shiva's function as an essential part of regeneration and not "a destroyer" as is commonly perceived. The creation of a tree requiring the germination of the seed was sited as an example. The various objects of Shiva and the qualities these represented were then explained. This was followed by a presentation highlighted the contrasting components of the family of Shiva and their associated animals and travel vehicles. How these animals, who in nature, consume each other as food but live in harmony when associated with Shiva Family was illustrated. The examples included Subramanium riding on a peacock, which attacks snakes wound around Shiva; another son Ganesh rides on a mouse which is consumed by snakes, Lord Ganesh has the head of the elephant, which wets the appetite of the Lion (vehicle used by Goddess Durga, the consort of Lord Shiva), the Lion is not friendly by nature to the Bull, which the Lord Shiva has as his vehicle. The presentation was concluded by and explanation of why and how Shivatri is celebrated and what is the significance of the day.

The celebrations were enjoyed by all and finished with prayers and prasadam.

Tooting Sai Centre