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Family Health Fayre in Winchester

Every year, the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation UK (SSSSO UK) in the South of England organises a health awareness event in partnership with the local health authorities in order to encourage healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and utilisation of healthcare facilities amongst the local populace in the area.

The event usually takes place in Farnborough, but this year, Hampshire County Council invited the organisation to use the Council’s headquarters based in Winchester, in recognition of the positive impact that such events in the past had on the local people.

This year’s family fayre was aimed primarily at the Nepalese population in Hampshire to address concerns regarding poor uptake of available services, presumed to be due either to existing cultural or linguistic barriers. Accordingly, many young Nepali interpreters were welcomed as volunteers to help at the clinic, and this made a tremendous difference to the visitors. However, the event was open to people of all ethnicities from the local area. This open approach ensured a friendly ambience, and enhanced the community spirit..

At this walk-in clinic on the day, visitors utilised various services on offer such as blood pressure and blood sugar check, BMI measurements, eye and dental checks, as well as GP consultation. Advice was rendered where necessary with regards further checks.

There were a wide range of services available at the event. As well as the walk-in clinic, there were stalls highlighting conditions and issues such as sickle cell anaemia, diabetes, and breast-feeding. Also, in the main hall there was a cultural show, that included presentations of different types of dances. For the younger children, there was a crèche and a stall where they could design and create their own paper aeroplanes!

The multi-disciplinary team of Sai volunteers who participated in this event were spread across all age groups, and came from a variety of backgrounds. The friendly atmosphere generated by the volunteers put the visitors at ease and enabled them to express themselves freely. Everyone felt fulfilled and uplifted by the experience and for the opportunity to share their love, and professional expertise.

The cooperation with the Hampshire County Council was a huge success, as was noted by an employee at the Council headquarters: “I feel that as a local authority, working together with Sai volunteers and the community- we were able to achieve so much more than any of us possibly could in isolation. An absolute credit to Sai!”

Jasen & Rahul
Volunteers at HAC
Region 6 Service Wing

Poem: On the 24th March

The Om rises, as has the Sun.
All falls, at the rise of the Om.
Below the summit: Beyond Dawn
Rises the Om.

Saffron sash, saffron as robe, ushers tongues of other land.
Our speech is sparse. Because the Word has settled.
Evident.In the act.

One sash stands, sure as sentry.
Gently he guides alongside a sister
whom makes talk with tongue
whilst I with gesture, make sure the sash is seen.

The sashes disperse
Our work is beginning
Writing and typing and filing and filling.
This life seems so fitting...
This mind has ceased flitting...
So mind be bound to hymn and work

Our work is over. Our speech is sparse.
This day has been, I see, well passed.

By Issa Loyaan Farrah