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Region 3 - Orientation & Welcome Day

Sunday 24th March 2013

Mill Hill Sai Centre kindly hosted the annual induction for office bearers in Region 3 on Sunday 24th March. The surrounding countryside was covered in a blanket of white snow but thankfully the devotees who had made the effort to attend, despite the cold weather were fully engaged in a packed and interesting agenda.

The compere for the day was Brother Seelan, Region 3 Vice Chair from Milton Keynes Sai Centre. Members of the national team, Dr Veeru (National Spiritual Co-ordinator), Uncle Yogesh (Chair, Region 1) Brother Kumi (Chair, Region 7) and Brother Shyam (National Youth Co-ordinator) were also in attendance to share their experiences and contribute to the discussions. The programme started with an inspiring talk from Uncle Yogesh relating his personal journey into the Sai fold and an incident involving a lonely, elderly lady to whom he offered some conversation and company; events that followed lead him to believe that she was none other than Swami Himself!. This talk was followed by short presentations from the wing co-ordinators outlining their activities for the forthcoming year.

Brother Karthik (Regional Spiritual Co-ordinator) lead Part 1 of the morning workshop around implementation of the Guidelines for Centres & Groups issued by the International Sri Satya Sai Service Organisation. An interesting debate followed on the first point One Pointed Orientation, where individuals reasoned out the importance of implementing this point and also how pitfalls could be avoided. The audience then split into 2 groups to conduct Part 2 of the workshop which covered the other 3 guidelines and prompted interesting discussions around the importance of study circles and the need to avoid collection of funds for all centre activities. In fact, the discussions became so absorbing and intense that the sessions ran over time and the delicious lunch was all the more welcomed by participants who had reached their fill with intellectual sustenance and were more than ready for a good, hot meal.

The afternoon session started with the centre chairs from Ilford (Dr Vignesh), Thurrock (Brother Vijay), Walthamstow (Brother Kuhan) and Mill Hill (Brother Krishna) who each delivered excellent presentations outlining the variety of activities taking part at centre level. This was followed by an inspiring talk by Dr Upadhyay whereby he shared his experiences illustrating the need for office bearers to imbibe human values when dealing with others, and above all the power of LOVE in overcoming difficult situations.

The afternoon programme concluded with a vote of thanks from the Region 3 Committee extended to the guest speaker, Dr Upadhyay, members of the national team and to all those who attended the event or assisted behind the scenes. Most of all, thanks was offered to our Beloved Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba in the form of Mangal Aarti - recognising that this event would not have been possible without HIS Grace.

Sutopa Sen
Region 3 Ladies Co-ordinator