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Region 6 - Laksharchana at Farnborough Sai Centre

Farnborough Sai Centre hosted a Laksharchana on Sunday, 10th March 2013, on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri day. The Laksharchana was conducted by Mr Vadgama who was told by Swami in one of his interviews that he was “SAMA” during the reign of Shirdi Sai Baba. Currently he is Vadgama and he will become a store keeper at the time of “PREMA SAI”. It is the third time that Mr Vadgama has conducted a Laksharchana in the Farnborough Sai Centre. He has had countless experiences with Swami. It is believed that this yagna solves any kind of problems and cures illness if it is performed with full faith.

Around 240 devotees participated in this Laksharchana, of which 50% were local devotees and 50% were from other areas in Region 6 and London. Each mala of chanting was interspersed with wonderful bhajan singing. Each devotee was given an opportunity to offer Panchamrit Milk and Vilma leaves on the Shiva Lingam. Mr Vadgama kindly blessed all the devotees with vibbuthi, a Sai Charitra book and Swami’s photo. The programme was concluded with a vote of thanks by the centre chair and delicious mahaprashad was served to all.

It was a lovely occasion and the hard work that went into organising it was really rewarded.

How truly blessed we were to have Mr Vadgama with us again to represent our beloved Swami. He is truly a tour de force! We were also so lucky too when he gave each one of us a packet of vibhuthi which had materialised overnight at his home. He told us that this always happens when he prays to Sai Baba to provide vibhuthi for the following Laksharchana.

Jai Sairam
Sushma Gurung
R6 Service Co-ordinator