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Region 7 - Easter Tea Party

As part of their Seva project; the SSE children from the Swindon class, Region 7 decided to host a tea party for the elderly in our community. The Easter Tea Party is the third party we have hosted and each time there has been a growing interest from the local community in Wootton Bassett. This is thanks to our dear Swami whose love has clearly touched all of our lives!

Everyone gets involved with the preparation. The Nursery, Group 1 SSE children make cards and gifts whilst the Group 2 & 3 children plan how to entertain our guests. Previously we played Bingo and ‘Name That Tune’. This time we decided to get to know our elderly friends better and to give them a chance to share their life experiences with us.

Interestingly, our SSE children were astonished to find out that majority of our elderly friends did not have televisions in their homes when they were growing up. They used to watch TV at a neighbour’s house if they were lucky enough to have one.

They also had to make most of the games they played with. The advice they gave our children was to be grateful for what they have today, and to enjoy life, to be happy and to always remember GOD.

It was a real treat, when Helen, who has been joining us for our tea party every term, came prepared with a story for the children! She found out that story telling was part of an SSE lesson and wanted to share her talent with everyone. She had hand drawn illustrations that the children held up as she read the story.

There was lots of tea, cakes, sandwiches and Easter Eggs which was enjoyed by all! The afternoon ended with a few English Devotional Songs in which everyone joined in. An Easter basket, made by the children was presented to each guest on departure. Everyone left with high spirits and one question.....When is the Next Party!

We thank Swami for allowing us to be his beacons of light and for spreading his love into the community.

Sai Ram
Lena Patel
SSE teacher