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Region 1 - Sai Seva Curry: a Hit with the Homeless

For some years now, Region 1 has been bringing Swami’s love to the homeless in Streatham in the form of a monthly vegetarian curry. The project involves 3 of our Region 1 Sai groups turning up on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Spires in South London in order to cook a curry.

This means buying and transporting all the ingredients and donning an apron on Sunday morning to wash, chop and cook for a group of up to 120 people. And since there are just 8 participating groups (Brixton, Bromley, Tooting, Wimbledon, Lewisham, Kingston, Chessington and Thornton Heath) it can mean up to 5 “turns” for some stalwart groups.

Spires is a charity which aims to provide many services and learning opportunities for the homeless and underprivileged. They do wonderful work, and their clients seem to enjoy our curry. As Lucy Barrett one of the staff puts it –

“I just wanted to write on behalf of everyone at Spires to thank all those who came here and cooked the wonderful food on Sunday. You all did a fantastic job and our clients loved the curry, with everyone saying how tasty it was (plus you also did a smashing job of cleaning up the kitchen afterwards!). Thank you so much, your hard work is as always much appreciated.”

Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn Spires is no longer open to the public on Sundays so our food has to be refrigerated until Tuesday when they throw the doors open and feed the multitude. This makes the Sunday morning cooking very easygoing and is in marked contrast to the days when we were serving breakfast and lunch with the queues forming out in the hall. We may have had to compromise on our procedures but we put in a good effort and I don’t think we have ever disappointed our clientele.

As a group we always enjoy our morning’s task, with the different cooks bringing subtle changes to the procedure. Happily for everyone, I just manage the project and have never had to actually cook myself.

By the way Spires are always glad of food offerings, clothes, towels etc. so contact your Seva convenor if you would like to make donations.

Maureen O’Hara
Project Manager