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Region 4 - Easter Sunday Message by Pastor Thomas at Leicester Central Sai Centre

Pastor Graham Thomas of Lutterworth Church and some members of his congregation came to our Centre on Easter Sunday. Pastor Thomas said it was a joy for him to be present here, amongst Sai devotees, on this very special day for Christians all over the world. He commented on the beautiful bhajans – he thought they were being played from a CD Player!

In his talk, Pastor Thomas made the point that God loved everyone. This was the same love that made God send his own son to help everyone on earth. This same love for which the son of God became man and followed the way of humility and self-giving to the very end. He was sent to help mankind and heal those who were unwell.

Pastor Thomas asked: “What does it mean – ‘Jesus has risen’?” He explained that this means that the love of God is stronger than evil & death itself, it means the love of God can transform everyone’s lives. Pastor Thomas said he had looked up Swami on our web-site and read about Swami helping those in need, about the serving of food, and about His message of love and providing spiritual guidance.

Pastor Thomas and the other guests then joined us for refreshments. He was very interested in the work of Swami, and some of the Centre’s activities. He invited everyone to visit him in his church – we would all be most welcome to join him in his church in Lutterworth.