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Region 5 - Mahasamadhi Day

Region 5 Mahasamadhi Day was lovingly hosted by the Leeds Sai centre on 28th April 2013. The programme started in the afternoon, however, our brothers and sisters from Leeds and surrounding areas were busy from the early hours ensuring every item was ready, eagerly awaiting our arrival.

The programme opened with Vedam and Bhajans. The melodious Bhajans helped still our minds, enabling us to receive His divine message.

The scene was wonderfully set by our regional chairperson; brother Kailash, who reminded us that the purpose of the afternoon was to celebrate the removal of boundaries, in the same way our beloved Swami transcended from the physical form to formless. We were reminded of the reason for coming together to re-emphasise Swami’s message of "brotherhood of Man, fatherhood of God."

We were very fortunate to have in our presence, an eminent guest speaker Dr Ravi Kumar- Associate Professor in Chemistry and Warden at the Brindavan Campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India. In his talk, Dr Ravi Kumar shared with us his unique experiences and interactions with Swami. His narrations took us on wonderful journeys to Brindavan, Puttaparthi, Kodai Kanal, all the while reminding us of the basic nature of Bhagavan- that is Love. Dr Ravi Kumar revealed the unconditional love and compassion Swami showers on everyone- as a parent, friend, teacher- sharing how Swami "loves to be included in all we do" and Swami's sole concern is for the welfare of mankind, and our happiness is His happiness. We felt truly blessed to hear such unique experiences, all of which filled our hearts with renewed fervor and yearning to feel His divine omnipresence in our every thought, word and deed.

The talk was seamlessly followed by a variety of offerings from the region's SSE children. The first item was a Mahalakshmi dance. The hard work and practice was evident from the precise movements, the dance was flawless! This was followed by a short play entitled “Buddham Sharanam Gachchami”- capturing an incident in the life of Lord Buddha. The underlying theme of universality of faiths and the celebration of this unity was beautifully highlighted by this performance.

We were further uplifted by the next performance by Mrs Ramya Tangrila. She sang beautiful bhajans and classical songs which focused our minds. The following devotional songs sung by a Sikh group again drew our attention highlighting the theme of "Brotherhood of Man".

The programme drew to a close with Bhajans and Aarthi. The whole gathering left the programme feeling elated and revived after listening to the glories of the Lord…. And yet there was more to follow!
Dr Ravi Kumar engaged everyone in a question answer session at the end of the programme tailored for the youth. He addressed some of the common questions and quandaries faced by our youth today, relating to studies, marriage and Swami’s transformation from the form to formless.

Hannah Mistry
Region 5