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Region 1 - Thornton Heath Sai Centre Mahasamadhi Anniversary

Thornton Heath bhajan group (Region 1), reflected on Swami’s 2nd Maha Samadhi anniversary at our usual Thursday bhajans.

Although the anniversary fell on Wednesday 24 April, we combined the Maha Samadhi day along with our weekly Thursday bhajans on 25 April.

Helpers arrived early at the hall to decorate the altar on this very special day. An artificial floral arch was specially made to house Swami’s photo and cream and gold colour materials were used for the backdrop. Devotees started coming from 7.30pm onwards and as they came in each one of them offered a flower at Swami’s Maha samadhi photo. Bhajans started at 8pm promptly with three aums, followed by Ganesh and Guru vandana shlokas, followed by chanting Gayatri mantra and recitation of 108 naam smarana while offering grains of rice at Shirdi Sai baba’s lotus feet. Thereafter the bhajans commenced and after the last bhajan a song was played from a CD titled ‘Sai Maa’ to end the bhajans beautifully and on a peaceful and serene note.

A homage to our mother of the universe. As per tradition aarthi was performed, followed by silent sitting for few minutes. A short reading and ‘thought of the day’ as written in Prashanthi was read. After the last prayers, few minutes of silent contemplation took place to reflect on Sai and to thank our dear lord for giving us an opportunity to sing his glories and to offer any seva in any way we can.

The programme finished at 9:30pm and packaged prasadam consisting of mango, banana, apple and packet of vibhuthi was distributed to all devotees.

Sai Ram
Thornton Heath Bhajan Group