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Region 1 - Taking Sai Bhajans (devotional singing) to the Community

On Sunday 14th April some of our Bromley Center members were asked to sing Bhajans at the St. Faiths Community Center, Red Post Hill to mark the 1st Anniversary of a ladies Husband who had passed, as this is the second time that we have been asked to do this at the same community center we duly did so. There were some 150 people there but not many were Sai Devotees. We started off by reciting Multifaith Prayers followed by the Hanuman Chalisa and then we sang our Bhajans and as there was no Microphone system available we had to sing extra loudly to make ourselves heard above all the talking that was going on amongst the non devotees. Aarti was followed by the Vibbhuti Mantra, we took Vibbhuti around to everyone present and although some of them did not know what to do with it by the end of the Mantra Baba was firmly placed on all of their foreheads - Jai Sai Ram .. A local Southwark Councillor was there and she gave a report of the achievements that her council have done since being in Power. The Evening ended with Delicious Prassad. I am sure that we will be asked to do this Seva again and of course we will, and who knows we may even have made some new Sai Devotees.

With Sai Love,
Sandra Fletcher (Bromley Center).