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Region 2 - Dr T Ravi Kumar’s mid week talk at Wembley Sai Centre

Thursday 2nd May 2013

Wembley Sai Centre have been thrice blessed during the period of the last 12 months by Swami’s University being brought to us. First of all, we were honoured by a visit from Professor Dr V Chandrasekaran, Head of Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University), Prashanthi Nilayam. He had been on a very short visit to The UK to attend a conference in London and then kindly rearranged his schedule to attend our Guru Purnima celebrations. At that time, Wembley Sai Centre had just concluded its 35th Anniversary and we had made enquiries for one of Swami’s students to come and speak at the centre. Then the message came through – ‘Why do you want a student to attend when you can get a professor?’ And at Guru Purnima too - you can guess how blessed we felt. This was soon followed by the news that our centre member, Bro. Keith Banfield, had been visiting the University and been asked to lecture the students and demonstrate his skills in Choi Kwong Do—and how these practices enhance spiritual well being..

Imagine our delight when told that it was also going to be our privilege to welcome Dr T Ravi Kumar for the talk scheduled to address Region 2!
The evening of 2nd May saw some settled weather after a long, uncertain winter period. As usual, the sisters had prepared a beautiful altar. A fallen flower had indicated Swami’s presence before the prayers commenced. All gathered in the little hall we are blessed with for our devotional meetings got absorbed in veda chants and Sri Sathya Sai 108 Name prayers. This was followed by a short bhajan session. Dr Ravi Kumar then addressed us in a calm, evenly pitched voice and a humble manner. This had everyone immediately settled and listening intently to the seamless flow of words which transported us to Prashanthi Nilayam and in to his interaction with Swami over 30 years of being in His proximity. Each tale enlightened about how giving The Lord is when you channel the right effort wholeheartedly into all your actions. Swami will then help bring about desired results. He demonstrated how Swami knew about each person’s failings as well as strengths—and sought to guide them in ways which led to personal progress—in life as well as spiritual growth An example of this was when Dr Ravi Kumar had to choose from the subjects he had passed—one of which he could select for his
Masters degree. He had hoped that Swami would guide him in making this decision, and it transpired that he ended up in Swami’s presence when he least expected it. He was asked which one of his subjects had he received the lowest marks. ‘Chemistry, Swami’ ‘So Chemistry it is that you take for your Masters’. Subsequently, Dr Ravi Kumar has now gone on to get a Readership in the Department of Chemistry at SSSIHL. The message here being to strive in face of adversity. You will learn more and due rewards will follow.

After a brief Q&A session, the programme concluded with Dr Ravi Kumar offering the aarati and prayers to Swami on our behalf. This was followed by a vote of thanks given by Bro. Senthil Kumarathevan, R2 Chairperson, and a reading of the Thought for the Day. Light refreshments prashadam was taken by all before blissfully floating out to the night air...
The listeners, who had come from far and wide, had included Dr Ravi Kumar’s students wanting to pay their respects. Also there were an elderly couple, who had been staying close to the Brindavan Campus for many years, and had came post haste looking for Dr Ravi Kumar when they heard he was due to be in town. Some of those gathered had travelled long distances and evidenced the regular announcements at other centres and the spirit of cooperation in the parts that constitute Region 2. We also had excellent support from National and Region 2 Council members. Sister Gayatri Bikoo, Bros. Senthil, Siva, Shankaran, Veeru were among those instrumental (some literally!) in our arrangements. Centre members were, as always, the willing helping hands for whom we are justifiably proud.

Wembley Sai Centre devotional meetings are held every Thursday from 8.00pm to 9.30pm. Venue: BSNL Hall, 128 East Lane, Wembley HA0 3NL. (Very close to North Wembley Station. For those who followed the Olympics last year, it is a little further than a discus throw away from the Centre)