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Region 2 - Having Swami in My Life...

Knowing Swami and having watched the way He lives and speaks has definitely touched my life for the best. Reading many of Swami’s messages/quotes has had a huge influence on my life. One divine discourse which made me think and personally touched me was a discourse which He gave on 23rd November 1994, where Swami mentioned “those who aspire to become devotees of God must give up meat, liquor and smoking."

I knew that there was a reason for why I came across this message and felt it was the right time to follow this especially if I want to promote my spiritual progress. I have since given up eating meat and have never considered or indulged in drinking or smoking, which can be very hard when you are a student surrounded by those who do.

We are all faced with many problems in life, be it work, family or friends. Whenever I am faced with worry I always read some of Swami’s discourses as I find it a way of helping me to relax, and somehow while reading these discourses I feel that it is Swami that is talking to me as they always tend to relate to the worries I may have.

Swami has definitely held my hand throughout my life especially during the times I needed Him the most. All I have to do is call Him with pure faith and love and He immediately answers my call and instantly I become a stronger person. Without this faith I have in Swami, I don’t think I could even imagine how I would have the strength to face the obstacles that come in my life. Just remember always have faith in His grace, and whatever situations you may be faced with in life do not give up this faith and do not question it because “If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. Put all your faith in Him and He will guide you and guard you.

He has shown me that His life really is His message and now I will try my very best to make Him proud We are the chosen ones and it is our duty to carry on his legacy by living our lives as His message!

Shajiny Tharmalingam (SSE Alumni)
Region 2