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Region 4 - 25 Years of Narborough Sai Centre

25 years of Leicester Narborough Sai Centre, was celebrated on Sunday 14th April, in the presence of over 225 friends and devotees. This Centre started in the home of Trikambhai Bhalsod who was the inspiration and the founder member. Today his family are continuing his good work by actively serving in the Centre. Narborough Sai Centre is an oasis and a beacon of Swami's light for the devotees in that part of Leicester.

The programme started with uplifting bhajans that set the tone and bhava for the afternoon, followed swiftly by a video on Swami life. This beautiful video presentation by the youth brought many a tear to the eye with back ground song lyrics that tugged the heart strings... "What He Means" "If there is Grace in this world, if there is light on this earth, Let us use it, let us see it....starting right now".

Then followed the Paduka Pooja, led by another youth Chirag Vithlani. He led the Pooja step by step, interspersing it with meanings, songs and experiences. As the 100 padukas were being worshipped the vibrations and energy in the hall was palpable .The devotees joy knew no bounds as Swami indicated his omnipresence! A beautiful garland that adorned a large photo of Swami's feet on the stage,just fell down, everybody was delighted and the Pooja continued with greater vigour.

The Centre's 25 year history was presented by Arun Gohill and Vikki Cooper who have both held the post of Centre Chair. It was interesting to see the progress of the Centre through the years and also the people who Swami used as his instruments.

Brother Selva Kumar from London, a regular guest speaker at the Centre provided words of wisdom that inspired us to think about how we can "Love All Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never". He encouraged us to change ourselves and walk towards Swami and practise the five human values so that we can attain pure love that is universal, unconditional and selfless. Brother Selva Kumar reminded us that people and circumstances come into our life to teach us a lesson. We need to be ready to lead ourselves before we can lead others.

The afternoon ended with a few more uplifting bhajans, mangal aarti and the devotees departed after mahaprasadam.

Our journey with Swami up to now has been filled with joy and this provided us with the inspiration for our theme for the next two years "Service with Joy".We are eager, excited and enthusiastic about our next 25 years with our Lord !

Geetika Sodha