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Education Wing - The Age Link Party

SSE Focus

At Pinner Sai Centre, the Education Wing’s focus was going to be around the importance of ‘SELFLESS SERVICE’ and with the help from the Service wing, Education Wing planned to deliver a fun and exciting Tea Party for our Very Important Guests from the Age-Link and PSC Elderly community. The planning started many weeks back in getting the Theme, Food and Entertainment just the way Swami would have liked for his special guest. We wanted the elderly guest to share their love and experience with us of all different age group.

On Sunday the 12th of May, there was an age link party to call all the elderly people because they are so often lonely. Pinner Sai Centre thought about how lonely these people are and invited them to a party! And what a party it was!! You can probably imagine the faces on the elderly people.

The Entertainment

The first entertainment was some live music from the SSE children, who played flute and keyboard as well as singing two songs from the olden days. This was followed by the Birdie song, sung and performed by very young children aged about four or five. The next song was disco divane; we did this twice because the elderly guest wanted to join in with the moves. Our guest continued to have fun as they also joined in the moves in the next song and dance called ‚Gangnam style‛ with almost everybody on the stage! When the children came off the stage they looked exhausted and very hungry.

The Bingo

The next entertainment was bingo. Each player had one sheet with six boxes on it and in the first round the players had to get a line. In the second round players had to get a full house! Daphne won the full house round. I’m sure she was delighted to have won.

The Gifts

At the very end, all the children gave gifts to all of our special guest. No matter how little or big, the presents were loved by the elderly people who appreciated our hard work! Children gave them soap, hand cream, hangers, note pads and so many more things, but whatever we gave them, they loved the party the most! People of all ages should have parties, but sometimes we forget the elderly and think about ourselves. Everyone put a lot of hard work in to make this celebration a success.

Love Nishika (Pinner Sai Centre) – Aged 9