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Region 2 - Age Link Party

Tea and cucumber sandwiches anyone?

An afternoon tea party for our respected senior citizens

Sunday 12th May was a glorious afternoon; the sun was shining down beaming its golden rays over Oxhey Wood Primary School, the venue for an Afternoon Tea Party for Elderly and infirm people who generally get to see very few people because they live alone and rarely get visitors.

We arrived at the venue an hour before our guests, eager to make things perfect for the party and preparations were under way instantly. Our SSE students, teachers, parents and centre members alike, were all buzzing around like joyful busy bees. Setting up chairs, laying the tables with beautiful fresh flower arrangements, hanging up bunting and balloons, transforming the otherwise normal school dining hall into a truly beautiful party venue. Nothing was too much trouble when it came to looking after our divine guests.

No sooner had the final touches been made, than our guests began to arrive. They were lovingly shown to their seats with a helping hand from our volunteers and senior students. Two of our SSE students decided to sing to welcome them as they arrived, totally impromptu and straight from the heart. We are so proud of all our SSE students and the care with which they looked after these ‘new grandparents’.

As soon as all the guests were made comfortable, they were served with cups of tea and coffee accompanied with an array of delicious food items all lovingly prepared, by our all too willing volunteers. There were sandwiches, savouries, pastas, pastries, scones with jam, cakes, crisps and crackers and of course no “Indian” tea party would ever be complete without dhoklas and samosas. This was followed by generous helpings of strawberries and cream, double of course! The glow on the faces of our guests showed us that words were not needed to know how appreciative they were about the attention that had gone into every detail.

While our guests enjoyed their afternoon tea they were entertained with a variety of acts all performed by our very talented SSE students which included the birdy song performed by our nursery children, followed by some Old Time Music Hall songs which our guests were very willing and happy to sing along to.

Some of our guest even got up to lead some songs themselves; what a great thing for our children to see; people of their grandparents’ age abandoning the fear of standing in front of an audience. When it came to showing off their dancing skills there was no holding some of our Guests back, I think they could even show our younger members a move or two especially when it came to dancing the Gangnam Style!

This was then followed by a game of Bingo; it got very exiting as we neared the first completed line and then the Full House! Wow! We had a winner, and another...

And... there were prizes for all our winners. Of course, in our tea parties every single one of our guests is a winner; they were all presented with a token gift for giving us the opportunity to serve. So in fact, the real winners were all our students and volunteers – Hands that Help are Holier than Lips that Pray!

As it neared the end of the afternoon carriages and escorts where waiting to take our guests home. There was almost a reluctance to go because we were all having such a spiritually uplifting time. Still, we waved them off with all our love and appreciation for sharing their Sunday afternoon with us, filling it with fun, laughter and most of all, Love... Can’t wait for the next one!

Ami Tanna (Age 11) and Beena Tanna Pinner Sai Centre Region 2