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Region 4 - Easwaramma Day 2013

We started the morning with SSE Bhajans sung beautifully by the children and we watched a short video on Mother Easwaramma detailing her life in song.
This was followed by a presentation by boys from all the age groups talk on the meaning and importance of Mother Easwaramma’s life in Swami’s mission of transformation.

Nursery & Playgroup Presentation

The SSE gurus of the nursery wing and play group had organised an Interactive Quiz which was based on the principles of Mother Easwaramma’s teachings and beliefs. The Interactive quiz provided clues by the children of the Nursery wing and the Play group children shared the answers with everyone. Everyone took part in giving out answers and the young children performed very confidently.

The quiz covered the principles of healthy eating, yoga and meditation, human values, drinking water and loving speechless animals. The children dressed up like a fruit, carried animal soft toys, dressed up as a water princess and there was also one child who dressed up as Little Baba to promote the human values.

It was a very fun filled and interactive quiz where everyone got involved and were very enthusiastic to give answers to the Clues provided. The message passed on by the children left a great impact on everyone present on that day.

The children finished on the note:
Let us grow together, let us live together, let us study together, and let us develop knowledge together, without conflict, with friendship and with Broadmindedness.

We then had group 2 and 3 girls perform solo instrumental pieces as an offering to Swami; first with a classical guitar piece and then a bhajan medley on western flute.

We finished with Aarti and thought for the day with a special Easwaramma Day poem and a dedication to all mothers with a personal poem from a student.

The above was PART 1 of our special program! PART 2 was about to start…every child was given a coloured sticker to form 3 groups to rotate round the 3 interactive workshops with their parents with centre members joining in as well.
We based our 3 workshops on Mother Easwaramma’s 3 Wishes of; Health, Water and Education for the villagers of Puttaparthi. We wanted families to take home key information and messages that they could then apply into their daily lives.

Healthy Eating Workshop: Food Is GOD

The healthy eating workshop incorporated children, youth and adults. All who attended were pleasantly surprised to find which different fruit and vegetables were beneficial for specific parts of the body.

First families had to match the fruit/vegetable to the part of the body they thought it was good for by looking at its colour, shape and features. Therefore, learning the message that God has created all we need to take care of our bodies.

Secondly, we unscrambled the food prayer and talked about its importance in destroying bad vibrations in food. To help children remember the food prayer, they creatively decorated a place mat to remind them to say the food prayer before eating.

Lastly, we divided foods into healthy and non-healthy. However the message here was that there are no healthy and unhealthy foods, but the amount we eat and how much we eat, decides whether it is healthy or not.

Water Workshop: Source of LIFE

A long time ago, Easwaramma asked Swami to have a well dug nearby so that the villagers could avoid a long trek to draw safe water. Little did she know that in years to come the Sri Sathya Sai Water Project would be serving so many villages and towns!
We are fortunate enough to have unlimited supply of drinking water in our own houses, but how often do we take water for granted? The aim of the water workshop was to raise the awareness of parents and children about the importance of water in our life and to convey the point that water is indeed our life source! We used interactive games and quizzes to educate everyone about what is water, where we derive it from and how it gets to us, who needs water, uses of water in our households and how can we reduce water wastages. All parents, children and elders participated with great interest and contributed wonderful insights! In general, the workshop helped us appreciate that water is a beautiful gift from Mother Earth and so we should use it with respect.

SSE children and parents were set an experiment to grow two sets of cress seeds, keeping all conditions the same. The only difference was to select one to pour positive vibrations on, in the form of prayer, song, kind words or thoughts. The aim was to see the physical effects positive vibrations have on living things. They also took home a strawberry plant to grow lovingly at home and reap the sweet fruit the plant provides.

Yoga Workshop:

We invited a yoga teacher to come and share the benefits and use of yoga in helping to calm the mind, mediate and improve concentration, with simple fun exercises: asanas for everyone to learn and try at home.

Everyone enjoyed a scrumptious healthy lunch to end the day as one big SAI family with simple nutritious food, a variety of delicious salads and fruit kebabs.
Group 3 students collected feedback from the children, parents and devotees during lunch about the workshops they enjoyed and we received lots of positive comments about each workshop and the learning everyone took, with requests for more yoga for children (which we have incorporated into our weekly SSE assembly after prayers) and to help us plan for future events.
We are grateful to Swami for helping us to create a wonderful day for the children and families and we look forward to next year’s celebrations!