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Region 1 - May Ladies Day at Brixton Centre

On the 19th May 2013, Brixton Sai Centre celebrated Ladies’ Day. This day was dedicated to all the women around the world.

The programme started with multi-faith prayers sang by everyone. Lovely group devotional songs were sung afterwards. During these, Swami blessed us with his presence. Afterwards, the gentlemen left the room for a study circle of their own, to allow the ladies to carry out the activities planned for themselves. These started with a quiz conducted by Alisha Manandhar, with the ladies divided into two groups: Satya and Dharma. The topic was Swaami's life.

After listening to a talk by Phyllis Krystal in Prashaanti, given on Ladies’ Day last November, the activities ended with our brainstorming our ideas on the concept of unity. Everyone had really nice ideas, all written out and decorated on paper.

To finish off, some snacks prepared by the ladies were served to all, including the gentlemen. We were very fortunate to feel Swaami's presence that day: it made us realise that we are indeed in good company and we are ever so grateful to Swaami for being with us and guiding us in our lives.