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Region 1 - Dr. T. Ravikumar’s Talk at Merton Sai Centre

Om Sri Sai Ram

On the evening of May 5th, 2013, the devotees from Region 1 were fortunate to listen to the talk delivered by Dr. T. Ravikumar, Warden, Brindavan Campus. Dr. T. Ravikumar had been speaking at various Regions across the UK for over a week by then and some of his experiences had already reached the ears of the devotees at Region 1 making them yearn for more. The devotees had gathered in the Sai Mandir for bhajans which was to be led by Balvikas (SSE) children that day. The altar was beautifully decorated with tall lamps at both ends and Swami’s chair placed right at the centre. The children were seated in the front and were all ready to sing the glory of our Lord. The children sang the bhajans beautifully for nearly an hour and Dr. T. Ravikumar also participated in that by playing the tambourine towards the end.

Following that, he started his talk by narrating on how the tambourine led him all the way to the door step of Swami’s room during his student days. He went on to highlight that Swami can use any instrument at His will to achieve His goals. He then spoke about how Swami answered the prayer of a young student by building the hostel at Brindavan within the ashram premises instead of building it elsewhere according to the original plan. This showed the value of a prayer and how God was willing to move buildings or even mountains just for the sake of His devotees. Dr. T. Ravikumar also mentioned about how Swami cured his father’s stroke in a flash when he was unsure if he would be able to continue to serve at the university should his father’s ailment become worse. In this instance, he described how a simple prayer in front of Swami’s photo moved the merciful Lord to perform a miracle on his father who was elsewhere in Bangalore. His incidents were very simple yet conveyed the glory of our divine Lord in an elegant manner. After all, the most important aspect of an experience is neither the experience nor the devotee but the Lord Himself.

Dr. T. Ravikumar had to extend his talk twice at the request of the devotees but had to unfortunately conclude as it was getting late. Listening to him describe the glory of our Lord was so nectarine that everyone including the Balvikas children (some of them under 7 years of age) were rooted to their seats for more than two hours. The evening was extremely enriching and left everyone contemplating on the selfless, compassionate and ever-loving nature of our Lord Sai.

Merton Centre