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Region 3 - A View of Swamis Omnipresence

On a cold wintry morning in the month of May (No surprise in the UK) , a local plumber visited our home to rectify a leak in the plumbing ( No surprise again )...

After completing the job, he came into our kitchen to return a cup (I had offered him a cup of tea to stop him from freezing!!). As he walked in, he noticed a small picture of Swami that we had placed on the doorframe. He kept looking at the picture intently and, after taking a deep breath, said to me “ I will never forget this person. He saved my life once!!” On hearing this, I asked him if he had been to India and met Swami. He said that he had never seen Swami in person but had felt his presence. He proceeded to tell me his story...

About a year ago, he was called to an Indian family’s home to repair a leaking pipe. In that home, there was an old mother and her young daughter. He had to use an electric drill in order to conduct the repair. When he pressed the switch on the drill, he was electrocuted by a massive power surge and became semi conscious!!! He could not speak. He had no sensation or movement below his neck. He was, however able to breathe, see and hear things going on around him.

The daughter called the emergency services immediately. Meanwhile, the old mother quickly went upstairs. She rushed back to me with some ‘white powder’ and some water in a cup. She also brought a small picture of Swami and put it by his side. She said to him in a loud voice “ Swallow this powder and drink this holy water. This is the best medicine for you now. My Swami will cure you immediately”. He saw the conviction in her eyes and felt the strength in her voice as he swallowed the powder and water that she gave him. As he lay there, she started chanting Swami’s name again and again. He felt an unusual peace within himself and unbelievably... started recovering!!

By the time the ambulance personnel arrived, he was sitting up and talking!! He explained what had happened to the emergency personnel. When they examined him, they could not find anything wrong!! He had recovered completely!!One of the emergency personnel told him that he may have just been confused due to the shock and may have imagined that he could not feel anything or move anything below his neck. He then suggested that they check the electric drill for faults. When they did so, they found that there had been a short circuit and he would probably have received a shock, which could have been three times the limit of fatality!! My hairs stood on end as I listened to this. Tears welled up in his eyes.

He asked me for a picture of Swami and also then prayed in silence in front of HIS picture. As he left I asked him if he prayed to Swami regularly. To this he replied, “I do not know his name or where he is. But whenever I face a problem, I think of him and the problem gets solved easily”. To this I said, “ He is Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and he is EVERYWHERE….”

Spiritual Coordinator –Milton Keynes Sai Centre Region 3