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Region 5 - Buddha Poornima Celebrations and Orientation Day at Warrington

Buddha Poornima at Warrington Sai Centre

The wonderful day (19th May 2013) started with a study circle organised at the Warrington Sai centre on the topic “Desire” facilitated by Dr Mylvaganam. The theme of the study circle revolved around the core principles of Desire and Vaasanas; how to have a Ceiling on the Desires and most importantly how to change the materialistic desires to something positive- "the desire for Swami".

This was then followed by a “reading” around the basic principles of Buddhism prepared by Mallika and Lesley Liyanearachchi and read out by Ayeasha Parmar. The Warrington Sai centre was celebrating the Buddha Poornima on the day with the reading and understanding of the Eightfold Noble Path of Buddhism - the means to ending anguish and attaining Nirvana. The eight stages include Right Views; Right Intent; Right Speech; Right Conduct; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration.

This was followed by Bhajans and Arathi. Prasad was served for lunch after which we started our Orientation Day for the active workers and office bearers of Region 5.

'The Mission of Sathya Sai - How to serve ably as His Instruments'

The Regional Orientation Day started with a discourse given by Bhagawan at the 3rd World Conference on 21st November 1980. Swami’s discourse delved on certain disciplines for all office bearers and the reason behind discipline and regulation in the Organisation.

Following a welcome address by Kailash, Regional Chair, all the office bearers joined together for the first workshop on the “Guidelines for the Organisation” facilitated by Sanja Vaja. The scenarios delved on issues including Universality of the Altar; Organising a Service Project and Financial issues in the Organisation. This led to active discussions with every member learning something from the workshop. The hall had a good mix of “experienced” and “new” office bearers which facilitated the learning by Swami`s grace.

This was followed by the release of the DVD of Professor Anil Kumar`s talk in Oldham in 2012. Bharathbhai from Oldham received the first copy from Kailash and Jaish (who did the recording). A copy of the DVD was given to each centre chair who attended the event.

After a short break, the next workshop started on “How to serve more ably as His instruments” which was beautifully facilitated by Regional youths Hannah and Supreetha. They reminded us on the quote:

"Be always aware that you are but Instruments, in My Divine Mission of Dharmasthapana: Revival of Righteousness. Try to be more and more efficient as such instruments. The hand that wields the instrument knows how and when it has to be applied." (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. VII, Page 181).

The activities were structured to develop key skills which are used regularly in the Organisation by office bearers- Empathetic e-mail writing; Creative writing; Organising a Service project; Organising a Meeting and Devising a Workshop.

Printed folders containing the hard copies of the Guidelines for Organisation; duties of an office bearer; oath of the office-bearer and a brief summary of the Annual Report of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust were given to all Centre Chairs.

The event was attended by most of the office bearers in the Region with all the centres and groups represented on the day. Everyone left the venue feeling inspired with better understanding of their roles and responsibilities by Swami`s grace.