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Region 5 - Sri Sathya Sai Group in Liverpool

On the 12th of May we gathered together for the opening ceremony of Sri Sathya Sai Group in Liverpool. The meeting was quite short, but cozy and personal and everyone had a chance to interact in a close circle.

As usual, the event started with Vedam and bhajans.

Kailash greeted everyone and shared a lovely welcome speech. Opening a new Sai centre is like setting an appointment with Bhagawan. At the agreed time Swami will be there waiting for the love and songs of the devotees. So he requested the devotees to do all the tasks with great sincerity and devotion. He emphasized the importance of keeping Swami as the prime focus in each and every activity in the centre. He also elaborated on the purpose of the centre which is to facilitate devotees to realise their inherent divinity.

Next was a presentation by Milda about the activities of the youth in Europe. Milda shared her experiences with everyone on a seva project in Germany that she was part of last month. The youth in Germany are currently renovating an old complex of buildings in a beautiful remote location that will become home for the elderly and the needy. Milda helped them refurbish the place which will become a wonderful spiritual village that they have named as Hopri Nilayam.

The event wouldn't have been so special without our guest Brother Pawan Tamwada. He was a Sai student during his undergraduate and postgraduate studies and he had some wonderful thoughts and experiences to share. Pawan told the following story in the beginning of his speech:

"There was a magician, who at the same time was also a very rich man, a millionaire. He was a very successful person and he would achieve anything he wanted to. Once he decided to build a golden palace. He came to a pile of bricks and started convincing them to become a part of his golden palace. He told them how wonderful they were and that they were actually made of gold. Many bricks did not believe, because they could see that they were far from being made of gold. But some of them decided to try and be a part of the magician's idea. After all, he was the successful man and he must know what he is doing! With time a beautiful palace was complete. It was indeed golden and shining and each brick was so proud to be a part of this majestic building. Those who went into the rooms would come out transformed. Whilst those who came out of one room kept saying “I am Brahman”; someone else who went to another room kept saying “Tat Twam Asi”. Such was the golden magic palace."

Pawan concluded the story by saying that the magical palace is our Sai Organisation. Each room in the palace is a centre and it should be a place that transforms everyone who comes there. Hence the establishment of a new room in God's mansion is a really great event.
The speaker shared some amazing memories from the time of his studies and everyone was eager to listen for more. We got to know about Swami's love and His care for the students at all times.

The speaker told that he studied Economics for his undergraduate degree and decided to stay for the Master in Mathematics only because he wanted to stay close to Swami for longer. He shared a lovely experience which elicited the fact that if the yearning for Bhagawan is from the bottom of your heart, our prayer will be answered by Him for sure. He also shared lovely instances on how Swami still responds to his prayers even now and makes His presence felt.

Dr. Pawan is currently teaching at Aston University and by Swami's grace he is now moving to Southampton - bigger university, but smaller faculty - just what he himself requested from Baba.

The sathsang ended with more bhajans, Arathi and a lovely home-made cake. It was a very inspiring gathering and a wonderful opening of our new Sai centre in Liverpool.

Kind regards,