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Region 1 - Events at Tooting Sai Centre

Easwaramma Day celebrations were held on 5th May with the commencement of bhajans followed by performances from children of four different classes . A lot of preparation went into the plays and the teachers , children and parents did a wonderful job to make the programme a resounding success. Events such as these really do bring out the Communal Spirit of the Centre as the day before a number of parents helped to set up the Hall, Stage and the Altar in readiness for the event for the following day whilst the children were doing their rehearsals at the same time.

The nursery children did a medley of nursery rhymes and actions to the song ' Let my head feel peace, Let my eyes see good, Let my mouth speak only truth, Let my hands always help, Let my feet move to serve, Let my heart be full of Love. Another play on 'Are we really Loving' was based on Mother Teresa who always gave her Love to all no matter who they were, what they looked like, what they dressed like or what they ate. The third play was a story, song and prayers on Hanuman who allowed himself to be used as an instrument in the Divine Mission of Rama. So like Hanuman, we should surrender to God and become his instruments. The final play was on' Gautama Buddha's prescription' and reminded us to keep our words, thought and actions under control and set a good example to others.

The values of all that they represented were obvious in the plays and it was no coincidence that the five values of Truth, Peace, Love, Right Conduct and Non-Violence were constantly felt throughout the morning.

In tandem with the multi-faith and Sai Family Values, Tooting Sai centre has held two Study Circles in March and April to elaborate on these points and what they mean to us as a Centre.

With over 25 attendees, we discussed on what constitutes a family, why devotees come to the Centre, what do they hope to gain in their spiritual journey, how we can benefit each other & the wider society, the equality of all at the Centre, the non-judgemental approach of devotees towards each other, similarities between our Centre and say, a Church, how we put into practice what we have learnt at the Centre. The next steps naturally are to put into practice what has been learnt.

The Centre further celebrated Buddha Purnima on Sunday 26th May where the altar included the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.

An explanation was given for each of the eight symbols ( Conch, Umbrella, Victory Banner, Golden Fish, Dharma Wheel, Endless Knot, Lotus flower, Vase of Treasure) and how they also correlate to Sai teachings. The Conch, for example is representative of the awakening from the deep sleep of ignorance , the Golden Fish represents us swimming fearlessly and without drowning in an ocean of suffering, the Lotus flower is for purity of body, speech and mind and in a similar way the deeper meanings of the other symbols were explored. The end point of Buddhism, as with Swami's teachings, was the attainment of self-realisation and liberation.

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