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Region 3 - SSE Basic & Intermediate Teacher’s Training in Milton Keynes

SSE teacher’s training day was organised by the National SSE Training Board, hosted by Milton Keynes Sai Centre in Region 3. The aim of this day was to encourage new teachers, SSE helpers, youth and parents to take on the role of an SSE Guru with confidence and faith. Three different training sessions were held, all of which were inspirational.

The first session on the ‘Significance and Teaching of Multi-Faith Prayers’ was facilitated by Mr Roni Ramdin an experienced and dedicated SSE teacher and SSE alumnus from Brixton Sai Centre in Region 1. He taught us several multi-faith prayers from various religions, along with their meanings. This workshop emphasised the significance of promoting, informing and enabling our children to understand the important lessons that the World Religions teaches us, which have been enunciated by our Beloved Bhagavan in many a divine discourse.

The second session conducted simultaneously was on the ‘Significance and Teaching of Bhaja Govindam’, sacred stanzas composed by the great Teacher and Saint Adi Shankara. This session was conducted by Dr Mahesh Narayan and Mrs Pravina Patel, both experienced SSE teachers and trainers. They went through each of the pertinent verses and were taught to recite it with emphasis on pronunciation and intonation. They explained each verse with clarity and used stories and practical activities to highlight the meaning and relevance of Bhaja Govindam to our everyday lives.

The third session that was run alongside the other two was the Basic Training for new teachers, SSE helpers, interested youth and parents. This was an opportunity to go in depth into the foundations of the sacred and noble programme, the five teaching techniques, SSE parent’s study circles, SSE teacher’s sadhana and the importance of Understanding Children. Each of these aspects were delivered in an informative, practical and inspirational way by our trainers who included Dr Chunmugavel, Mr Raj Rajasingham, Mr Yoges and Mrs Thana Yogendran and Mrs Vidyulatha Narayan.

All-in-all, it was an enjoyable experience and it has certainly inspired us all (whether it was a refresher course to some, or a new journey for others) to apply these teachings in our everyday lives and in our SSE classes. I am sure this training day has motivated more people to get involved in the Education Wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation as it is a key activity of the Sai Centre or group. The SSE programme is an invaluable treasure entrusted to us by our Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba to mould the character and personality of our children. Swami always reminds us, “The end of education is character.”

Ramani Jeganathan
(Region 3 SSE Co-ordinator)