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Education Wing - SSE Teacher Training: Song for God

It was a privilege to be able to be part of the 'Bhagavad Gita' shlokas workshop held at Oxhey Wood Primary School in Watford on Saturday 8th June 2013.

The training was very well organised by the National SSE Training Board. The former National SSE Coordinator Ms Gowri Mayilvaganam who was the trainer for the day very eloquently explained the context, significance and application of the timeless message of the Gita and how it was relevant to all times, all ages and all creeds.

The 25 stanzas incorporated in our SSE syllabus were hand-picked by our Beloved Bhagavan to be adopted and taught to our Group 2 SSE children. Gowri beautifully clarified their meaning with her in -depth knowledge of Bhagavan’s interpretation of each verse. The explanations were further enhanced by adding relevant stories from the various holy scriptures interspersed with the narration of her personal experiences with Swami gained during her time spent in the Divine Presence on her frequent visits to Puttaparthi.

Two talented and dedicated teachers Hema and Hina recited the shlokas beautifully which enabled us to affirm the correct pronunciation and intonation required to teach the verses to our SSE children. Dr. Mahesh Narayan shared some touching stories of devotees’ personal experiences with Bhagawan and the invaluable lessons for us to learn in the context of the eternal message that the sacred Gita teaches us.

I thank Swami for giving me the opportunity to be part of the SSE programme which provides a platform for me to learn and grow each day. I hope such fantastic workshops continue to be organised in the future so we in our capacity as SSE Gurus can learn, apply and impart these life lessons to the children in our care. I would especially recommend them to the youth and encourage them to come forward and avail the opportunity provided, as these workshops inspire us to apply what we learn in our everyday lives, and elevate us spiritually.

Nupur Faujdar
SSE Co-ordinator & Group 3 SSE Teacher
Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill (Region 3)