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Education Wing - My Baba and I

Swami is always watching over me, as does a mother watching over her child. Swami has sent guidance and care, love and warmth in the form of my SSE gurus and my dear Sai family.

Attending Bal Vikas has enriched me with good values. These values will be my guiding light to be able to face the challenges and hardships of modern society. The world we are living in today we all turn to someone when we face our ups and downs. With the encouragement and upliftment that Bal Vikas has given me I am confident and I know that my dear Sai Ma is always there to lend me a hand in times of trouble. All His teachings will armour me with strength and help me face anything with a smile. It is through my SSE teachers that Swami sends his messages and tells us that whatever happens is for our best.

Bal Vikas has helped me to learn to be considerate to the environment, respect Mother Nature and be kind to animals and other living beings. I enjoy the activities the teachers organise for us, such as the quiz programmes, role plays and celebrating special days of different religions. This gives us children an opportunity to understand and respect all religions, which is one of Swami’s greatest teachings. The significance paid to Honouring our parents, honouring our gurus through celebrations such as Easwaramma Day and Guru Poornima has enlightened me and reminded me to show my gratitude, love and respect to them. Bal Vikas has also taught me that one should not waste food, water, energy and time as Food is God, Energy is God, Time is God.

I remember fondly as Bal Vikas children from the U.K. we were blessed and privileged to sing for Swami, when we went on the National Pilgrimage to Puttaparthi in 2010. I consider myself as one of the lucky ones whom Swami has taken under His wing. Writing this article would not have been possible without His Will.

Luckshi Jegatheeswaran
(SSE Group 3- Age 13 )
(Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill, Region 3)