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Region 4 - Tapovanam Reading at Narborough Sai Centre

“I felt like I was in Sai Kulwant hall!”
“As I sat and listened I could visualise all the events, and it took me back to the time, when they were relayed by students in His Divine Presence.”
“My job is very stressful but sitting here and listening made me feel utterly peaceful.”
“I was totally immersed in the reading and I forgot my house, my kids everything-just felt completely connected to Swami”

These were some of the comments made by people attending the reading of the Tapovanam

A Youth’s Perspective

(Life story of Sri Satya Sai Baba) on Saturday the 15th of June at the Narborough Sai Centre in Leicester.

As one entered the hall they were greeted by a murti of Swami with his right hand raised blessing all, He smiled looking out at all who sat before Him. To add to the beauty of this, in the middle of the altar there was a gigantic framed photo of Sathya Sai seated in a cream chair, bounteously smiling, again, catching the eye of those who looked up at Him to find their hearts filled with inner peace and love. On the right proudly stood the fitted throne on which Baba sat. Each face of the altar was adorned in fresh flowers, as a garland: each hugging one another, getting close to what they coveted. The setting was provided by a white backdrop with blue lights which seemed to twinkle like stars.

On the floor were placed plastic plates neatly aligned and placed within them were objects which would be used to perform Paduka Pooja. It was Sunrise. The birds chirped along with the sun which rose in all magnificence around the altar under the aegis and the will of Bhagwan Himself. The day was a snapshot in the legacy left by the physical presence of the Eternal Charioteer. All sat behind their plastic plates, ready to perform the Paduka Pooja, looking yearningly towards the altar. In the heart of their hearts they took the Padukas on which their Baba rested, and placed them in front of themselves. With love, they poured obeisance onto their Swami – This is called Avahan. Interaction was at its peak. Energy, aura and divinity had filled the room. A connection had been activated. This connection had no extent. The smile on Baba’s Photo had grown into a cheeky grin.

To be able to perform Pooja in front of the Sathya Suriya Narayan Sunrise was His grace in itself. Petals and rice grains dropped and lay at peace at each syllable of Baba’s 108 Names.

After the Pooja, the Padukas were placed at the foot of the photo of Baba. Now the second part of the day’s proceedings began.

The Tapovanam also known as the Sathya Sai Satcharitra, is a collection of experiences throughout Bhagwan Baba’s early life given by devotees with whom Baba had much interaction through his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.

Everyone sat down, some on chairs and some on the floor. Their faces reflected devotion unwavering and unfathomable. They knew their Baba was present in the room. The room turned into a darbar. The subjects and devotees of the ‘king’ were sat on either side. Ladies on one side and gents on the other. The king sat in his throne in the middle of the altar waiting to hear his own story. Just like the line in the Bhajan Jhulana Mein Jhule Mere Sai Nandalal, which states ‘apni hi katha suno tum nanadal’ (listen to your own story Sai Krishna for you are the avatar. You are the Lord. You know everything) Sai Krishna sat and smiled, ready to listen.

Some closed their eyes to see Baba’s Leelas unfold right in front of them. Others sat, gazing into the eyes of their Swami – re living their own experiences and relating them to what they heard. From this their connection with Swami deepened. The bond was once again strengthened. Sitting there they listened and took turns to read. They read with pure hearts and with unconditional love.

It seemed to deliver motivation and faith to the listener. Faith in the fact that their Swami would be there for them. ‘Why fear when I am here’ is what Baba said.

The day was an offering to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He, however, offered to those present a vast amount of blessings and in actual fact, hearts were filled with love and connections with Baba were rekindled!

Anand Lad