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Youth Wing - How to lead a Dharmic Life Youth Workshop

Spirituality is beautifully complex, yet so subtly simple. For me it's like a cloud that appears to be distant and fluffy and only attainable when flying in the skies, yet when one attempts to grasp and cradle it a thousand miles away, there is nothing tangible to hold. In reality spirituality is not in the skies, it's only our vision and thoughts that are clouded.

The clarity of thought or what others may term as the power of discrimination must be one of the most useful tools to exploit in this challenging and fulling spiritual journey. In the i2I workshops we are encouraged to understand, reflect and implement the spiritual concepts and make them a way of life. After all, as Sai aspirants on this arduous spiritual journey, why should we limit the teaching to our Satsang sessions; it's a way of life that ought to be spread through to all wings of our life. Whether in our professional life, as parents, as children or as citizens.

Incorporating the theoretical concepts of Swami's teachings which are so eloquently put, but arguably not grasped in its entirety by our humble intellect can seem an easy task, however true understanding must come from living and breathing His teachings. This is why the i2I workshops fuel my yearning and quest to be a better beacon of Swami's teachings.

For illustrative purposes, in our last session we touched upon the meaning of Dharma, which as many will be familiar with, is the cosmic order of Ishwara, Ishawara being the law maker and the law. We are all born with the basic instinct that we do not want to be hurt and also that we do not want to hurt anyone else. Right and wrong are intrinsic, yet good and bad are subjective and determined by ones judgement which is fuelled by personality. At a glance it appears to be such a simplistic definition, however on greater exploration the exquisite contradictions and profoundness can be identified.

How does one live a Dharmic life then? This must be the crux of our life surely? In short, should we not live a life where we do good things? Yes but how is this achieved? There is no formulae for this but Swami's teachings such as the five values give us all the aids and our power of discrimination fine tunes these.

From experience, I can assure you that when one surrenders to the Lord and pledges to live a more Dharmic life, the Lord shall answer. And no doubt, He will NOT be feeding you the formula of Dharma with a silver plated spoon, but He will churn, shape and mould you so that one day you realise what you always were and are. Trust your faith and instincts and do not be afraid to use your intellect to bring clarity to your actions. Dharmic lifestyle will one day be involuntary to us, but until that day we must seek comfort in God's grace and our power of discrimination.

May the Lord uncover the cloud of illusion from our eyes so that we may be on cloud 9 wherever we may physically be.

Jai Sai Ram
Yeliz Atak
Region 6