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Region 1 - YAP on Spiritual Practices!

Om Sri Sai Ram!

The youth of Wimbledon Sai Centre were presented with a wonderful opportunity to host the Region 1 Young Adults Programme (YAP) on Friday the 21st of June at Merton Centre Sai Centre. The YAP provides youth a chance to get together and voice opinions and ideas on a chosen topic. The task for this YAP was to find answers to the question, ‘Is there any purpose to spiritual practices in today’s world?’

The research covering spiritual practices of different religions allowed us to come up with 3 main sub questions for the regional youth to discuss on the day. The youth were split into three groups, with each focussing on one of these questions. The discussion lasted for about 25 minutes, after which a spokesperson from each group presented the points generated during the discussion.

Some of the questions were open ended and allowed the participants to express their feelings of how they truly felt about spiritual practices within religions. The YAP also gave some individuals the opportunity to learn why different spiritual practices take place. The purpose of the YAP was to open the participants’ minds to a different level of thinking.

Discussions of the significances of certain religious acts such as doing Arathi, the 5 K’s of Sikhism, Muslim women wearing the Hijab (veil) and praying during different times of the day. The points were summarised at the end and we agreed that spiritual practices can help character building and that while they may be diverse, they all lead to one goal – a pathway to God.

I personally enjoyed doing research for this topic prior to YAP and it is always nice hearing what the fellow youth have got to say. Learning about other religions is important and I found it an interesting experience to compare my spiritual practices to that of others.

Rhagav Viswanathan