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Region 1 - AgeLink Party at Tooting

On Sunday 23rd June, Tooting Sai Centre had the pleasure of hosting an AgeLink Party for the elderly people in the local area. This is an annual event at the Tooting Sai Centre and on this occasion there were 34 guests in total. Prior to the event numerous e mails were sent around organising food, transport, musical items, games as well as the general coordination of the Youths from the various other Centres.

Everything was planned in detail and when the guests started to arrive, eager volunteers assisted them to their seats and offered them teas and coffees.

It was really good to working together and volunteers from all groups from 4 yrs to 80+ yrs all working together with everyone for the common goal of making this day both memorable and enjoyable for the elderly.
Despite one car getting delayed in traffic, the entertainment began on time.

Performances by the SSE children included playing various musical instruments such as the flute, violin, keyboard and clarinet. As well as this, there was much opportunity for the elderly to sing along to certain favourite songs such as 'Mary Mary' and participate throughout the day, playing bingo and taking part in a quiz. A special birthday cake was made for one of our guests who thoroughly enjoyed the attention and love being lavished on her. Another guest who has been coming to these parties for some time now has really got into Swami's teachings and expressed a desire to go to Puttaparthi.

Words cannot express that overwhelming feeling of love and unity one gets from being part of such an event. AgeLink gives us all an opportunity to spend some time with the elderly, talk to them and make them laugh. We all forget how lonely lives some of them lead and some of them do not see anyone apart from their carers for weeks on end. They eagerly look forward to these events and always leave with a smile on their faces with prizes and gifts to take home.

The joy and appreciation from the guests touched us and reminded us of Swami's saying -

' Service springs out of love, and it scatters love in profusion'.

Tooting Sai Centre