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Region 7 - The Lord Mayor of Bristol Visits Bristol SSE Class

There was excitement in the air, as the children of the Bristol SSE class, were expecting a special guest today. The Lord Mayor of Bristol; was visiting and everyone was full of anticipation to welcome him. Mr. Gaurang Patadia, the Chair of the Bristol Sai Group, and Mrs. Eileen Whiting, the Head Teacher of Kingsforest School (the venue in which we hold our classes every Saturday)
and a supporter SSE for many years; welcomed the Lord Mayor inviting him to join the assembly, with the children all neatly seated with big smiles!

He listened to the bhajans ‘Hu Allah’ and ‘Let the love we are sharing’ along with morning prayers, chanted beautifully by the children. There was a presentation of SSE classes, and little ‘speeches’ by children on what SSE meant to them and how it has benefitted them in their day- to- day lives. This was followed by an inspirational talk by the Lord Mayor himself where he congratulated the children for regularly attending the SSE classes on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping or watching TV as many of their peers may be doing. He then went on to explain how diverse Bristol was as a community, how essential it was for children to spend their time constructively focusing on values and value education. He explained lovingly to the children how he rose to this high rank from a very humble beginning, and how one can achieve anything in life by perseverance and patience. These two values had, in fact, been the theme for our lessons this term!

The Lord Mayor took time to attend each of the classes in turn to see what the children were learning and how they were putting Swami’s teachings in action.

It was clear that the children were inspired as they gathered round the young Lord Mayor with their joyful faces and various questions. He explained that he was the youngest Mayor in 800 years and the Gold Emblem he wore weighed a whole kilogram and was 300 years old! You could see their eyes widening! The Lord Mayor was deeply touched by our SSE class and the love and warmth and acknowledged everyone for the good work undertaken in Swami’s name.

A very special guest brought forth to the SSE Classes Bristol, by Swami himself! It became apparent, that He was with us- from the immense love, joy, sunshine, and celebration experienced by everyone!

Aum Sri Sai Ram
SSE Team, Bristol