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Region 2 - Role of Parents in Sai Spiritual Education, an Awareness Workshop

As per Swami’s will, London West Sai Center had the opportunity to organise a workshop on the topic “Role of Parents in Sai Spiritual Education, an Awareness Workshop” for all the parents and also future parents of SSE children.

The Guest Speaker for the Workshop was Mrs Vidyulatha Narayan our National SSE Coordinator.

The Workshop started with 3 Aums , two bhajans and an interactive session by our Guest Speaker Mrs.Vidyulatha Narayan. There was a round of introductions by all participants before the topics were discussed. Some of the important topics discussed in the workshop were:

1. The Foundations of the Bal Vikas movement
2. Blossoming of excellence of the five domains in a child’s personality (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual) and how they relate to each human value
3. Tripartite Relationship of the Child, Parents and Guru
4. First Be, Then Do and Then Tell – Bhagavan’s message

Following this session a touching talk was delivered by Mrs Lakshmi Wunnava, the SSE Coordinator for London West Sai Centre on the “Impact of SSE on my life”. She shared her experiences on being a Balvikas Student herself for 9 whole years, having had the good fortune of being an alumnus of Swami’s Anantapur College for girls, a Bal Vikas Guru and currently a parent of an SSE child. This clearly impressed upon the audience the benefits of this sacred programme.

The Plenary session was held by Dr. Mahesh Narayan who shared lot of stories narrated by Swami on the topics discussed in the preceding sessions. It was a very lively session followed by couple of Questions and Answers. Dr. Mahesh did answer a few questions which were unasked but were lingering around in the minds of most of the Indian parents and provided smiles and relief in the parents faces.

The one and half hour workshop came to a close with Mangala Arthi and Prasad distribution.
We did start on time and also closed the session on time. The young parents who attended were able to do so with no worries or stresses of child care was thanks to the dedication and love of two of our Sai sisters.

Thank You Swami for the wonderful opportunity provided to all of us for being a part of YOUR MISSION.

London West Sai Centre
Region 2