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Region 7 - Summer Tea Party for the Elderly in Wotton Bassett

On the last day of our SSE class for the year, the Swindon SSE children hosted a tea party for the elderly in the community. This service activity has been on-going by the children in the last year and everybody looks forward to it! This one however, felt very special for our elderly friends were very moved by the pouring of love that was showered to them. A cream tea and warm weather set the scene for a typical British tea party. Playing a few games and chatting to our elderly friends, seemed more like talking to family than friends. As a parent, I’m am filled with pride when I look at how my daughter interacts with the elderly, offering them a cup of tea and sometimes just bringing a smile to their face by sharing something funny!

An activity that was enjoyed by everyone, was ‘planting the seed of love’ in which children and elderly were paired up to plant little pots of flowers to take away with them to nurture and watch grow. This really touched everyone!

A beautiful poem was recited by Ruth, our regular attendee from the community and another lady even played us a tune or two on the keyboard from her young days at school.

The children led a few songs, in which everyone joined in, singing so beautifully to our Beloved Swami!

We felt privileged to be a part of this service, as my daughter has been learning some of Sai’s teachings, that Service to man is Service to God; and its through activities like this, she is able to put them into practice. The atmosphere was filled with lots of love and our children assisted in making everyone feel very special and welcome! I know our elderly family will be eagerly awaiting our next party from our children.

We offer all our gratitude to our beloved Sai, for allowing us to always serve in His name!

Sai Ram
Mrs Radha Fortune (SSE parent)