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Service Wing - Sathya Sai Health Awareness Day – Hayes, London

The Botwell Leisure Centre in Hayes was the setting for our Sathya Sai Health Awareness Day conducted on Saturday, 15th June 2013.

The event was run in partnership with the Hayes City Council and Primary Care Trust. Over the six hours that the programme ran, 230 people had their blood pressures, blood sugars, BMI and Diabetes Risk screening performed, and many also had dental and optometry examinations.

On hand, were the very helpful and enthusiastic volunteers from Diabetes UK, The Stroke Association, and Rethink. They provided plenty of information on common health conditions, their management, and preventative strategies and also raised awareness of the availability of local health services.

General Practitioners and a Psychiatrist were also available to offer consultation and advice to attendees who were found to have abnormal results or wished to discuss any concerns they had.

“I think this is a brilliant service and should be organised every month in places like shopping centres and McDonalds”
- Mr. Sandor Horvat (a local resident)

“A lot of these people don’t know they have issues with their eyesight so are surprised to be told they must see the optician. It’s definitely been valuable.”
- Aarti Suresh Kumar (a volunteer)

Written by: Priya Kotecha (Volunteer)