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Floods in North India - Sri Sathya Sai Trust (UK) Participates in the Relief Effort

"Sometime ago, there were heavy floods in the State of Orissa. They ravaged several villages in four districts. The houses, trees, standing crops and even animals, and some people were swept away by the surging flood water. Hundreds of villages were inundated and people were marooned. They were fear-stricken at the fury of nature.

Then I sent a telegram: "Don't worry. Be happy. I will build your houses." The people of Orissa came to see Me, by arranging a special train. The government was there, MPs and MLAs were there, who were expected to come to their rescue in that hour of need and provide succour to them. But, none came forward. I sent ten crores immediately and arranged for distribution of relief material and building of pucca houses for the affected people. I am not interested in accumulation of money. I want only your love. Be happy. Develop your morality and love for God. If you develop love, that love itself will drive away the demonic qualities in you.

It is only to demonstrate this principle of love that I have done this housing project in Orissa. We should love and help each other. The calamity that has befallen them can happen to anyone. When you make them happy, you will also be happy. Therefore, we should all be united.

us all move together, Let us all grow together,
Let us all stay united and Grow in intelligence together,
Let us live together with Friendship and harmony. (Telugu poem)

It is only when we grow in intelligence together can there be unity. We should move and work with unity. No one should hate anybody. If any thought of hatred comes to you for a moment, you should brush it aside and develop the feeling of unity from the very next moment. It is only love that unites all".

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse 3/4/2009 (SSS Speaks 42-07, 42-09)

From June 14-17 2013, the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in Northern India suffered devastating rainfall, floods and landslides. More than 100,000 people have been rendered homeless and over 1000 people have died. It is estimated that there are 4700 people missing and unaccounted for, and all these figures are still rising alarmingly on a daily basis.

As these the States are home to the holiest of Himalayan shrines and temples such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Joshimath, GuptaKashi, Gaurikund etc, about 70,000 pilgrims and tourists have been stranded. Although many pilgrims have been rescued by the courageous efforts of the Indian Army, Air Force and other such government agencies, tens of thousands of the local populace are still trapped and need to be rescued. Food and essential supplies have to be transported to starving and suffering survivors. Roads, homes, water supply, medicines, transportation channels and basic infrastructure need to be rebuilt, supplied and established.

Current Relief Efforts

The Sathya Sai Service Organization in India began delivering relief to the affected areas immediately following the disaster. A two-phase relief operation is currently underway. The first phase provides assistance to pilgrims and villagers who have been evacuated from the affected areas. Generous amounts of food, blankets, clothes, medicines, cell phones and water proof tents are being distributed. In addition, post- disaster counselling is being provided for the victims. Numerous relief centres have been set up and these centres not only cater to the victims, but also to their relatives and friends who are trying to locate and find their loved ones.

In the planned second phase, villages will be adopted and infrastructure developed to deliver complete holistic care to fulfil the needs of the local population. A detailed survey of the villages will be conducted and a rehabilitation plan developed respecting local ecological, safety and environmental compatibility. Orphanages and shelters will be constructed and staffed as needed.

As a spontaneous and natural response, many Sathya Sai devotees and office bearers of the Sathya Sai International Organisation too, wished to actively participate in this noble endeavour and help in the ongoing relief efforts. This international response is being co-ordinated by Dr Narendranath Reddy, Chairman of the Prasanthi Council, through the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation (SSSWF) which is a registered non-profit charitable organization in the U.S.A., that directly supports the work of the Sathya Sai Organization throughout the world including India. The SSSWF has established channels to support the work of the Sathya Sai Organization in India, and is therefore able to provide immediate assistance to the colossal relief efforts in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

As part of this international efforts, and on behalf of devotees in UK, The Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust (UK) has humbly contributed US Dollars 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) to the World Foundation as an immediate response, since the need of the hour is urgent and essential relief supplies are to be distributed immediately to the affected population.

The Trust which is a registered Charity with the Charity Commission UK has opened a specially designated account ‘Disasters Relief Fund – Uttarkhand & Himachal Appeal’with Barclays Bank PLC to assist in this relief effort. Those devotees wishing to participate in this Seva activity can credit the amount directly to the account under advice to the treasurer at sssct.treasurer@gmail.com.. All the donations received by the UK Trust will be channelled through the SSSWF in USA which as mentioned above is co-ordinating the International Relief effort.


Any donors who are UK tax payers, can take advantage of the generous GIFT AID scheme. If you require the gift aid form, kindly contact the Treasurer Mr. Ashok Bhagani at the above email address or write to the Trust at the Bookshop address given below.

The details the bank account are as follows:
Barcalys Bank, PLC
Sort Code: 20-77-67
Account No: 50068349

The donations can also be sent by post to the following address:
Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust (UK)
c/o Sai Bookshop (UK)
19, Hay Lane
London NW9 ONH
E-mail: sssct.treasurer@gmail.com

The cheques should be payable to:

The task at hand is undoubtedly stupendous and of mammoth proportions, but with our united efforts and the Divine Grace of our beloved Bhagawan, we will be able to reach out to our suffering brothers and sisters in these severely devastated areas in their time of great need.

Ashok Bhagani,
Sathya Sai Charitable Trust (UK)

"A few days ago, I had sent Lorry loads of rice, grams, etc., to the earthquake victims of Gujarat. Some people asked "Swami, why should you take the trouble of spending so much money for sending the relief material to Gujarat. You could have as well averted the earthquake." I replied, "My dear, man has to blame himself for the earthquakes. Due to excessive greed for wealth, he is disturbing the balance of the earth. Hence the earthquake. That is the law of Nature.

You have to express your love for man by helping the needy. Love is your nature. Just as balance is very much essential for Nature, so also love is very much needed for man."

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse, 21/2/2001 (SSS Speaks 34-03)