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UK Pilgrimage- Sai Anandam: In Harmony with Sai

The Sai Anandam UK Pilgrimage 2013 will soon be commencing on the 28th July in Prasanthi Nilayam, the holiest of abodes where many of us saw, touched, spoke with, and felt God! Even today, it is the place which fills us with amazement and inspiration, with hope and joy, with immense love and peace. Indeed for millions around the world like us, it is the sanctum sanctorum of our spiritual rebirth as well as fulfilment!

This year 55 pilgrims, including 8 children, are undertaking this spiritual journey to the Divine Abode. And we met recently on the 29th June in London for the third Pilgrimage Sadhana Day. As with the previous two Sadhana Days, but more so on this occasion due perhaps to the fact that we were getting closer to our much anticipated day of departure, there was amidst the group a palpable sense of excitement and spiritual fervour! Apart from the frenetic activity in relation to finalising travel plans, accommodation, filling various forms, and instructions regarding matters such as general discipline, dress code etc., the day offered opportunities for individual and collective reflection too! After all, is it not the ultimate purpose of any sadhana or any pilgrimage to be connected constantly with one’s Self?

Thus the pilgrims studied selected chapters from Bhagawatha Vahini in smaller groups and shared their experiences and understanding. Many were touched by the profound messages that our dear Lord Sathya Sai conveyed through His beautiful narration of the wondrous Leelas of Lord Krishna and the steadfast devotion of the Pandavas. We later dwelt on the themes of Ananda (Bliss) and Harmony, both central to the current pilgrimage titled Sai Anandam: In Harmony with Sai. Many practical insights were shared and reflected upon. It was quite heartening to see the children too participate actively in the group activities that have been designed specially for them around these topics.

The Name of the Lord always has a soothing effect on the mind and quietens it almost instantaneously. This was the experience of all the pilgrims on the day especially during the Likhitha Nama Japam (Writing the Name). As we quietly sat down and wrote in silence the divine name ‘Om Sai Ram’, a certain sense of calm and joy too, rose within us almost unnoticed. One could also feel a perceptible peace in the hall, even at the end of a very short session of 15 minutes!

As we left for our homes, we resolved firmly to stick to our Sadhana plan (study of 3 Vahinis- Bhagawatha, Dhyana, Sandeha Nivarini-, Likhitha Nama Japam, Regular Prayers- Suprabhatam, 108 Names, Nirvana Shatakam-, Jyothi Meditation and Ceiling on Desires) and make the best use of this Pilgrimage in our spiritual lives. We now look forward to our week long stay in the hallowed precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam, to saturate our beings with the divine vibrations and fill our hearts with the divine love of our dearest Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Programme Overview
28th July - Orientation Day
29-30th July - Sadhana Camp
31st July - Brindavan Visit
1st August - Musical Offering
2-3rd August - In Harmony with Sai

Arvind Patel
Leicester Central, Region 4