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Region 2 – London West Sai Centre Visit ISKCON Farm in Watford

Om Sri Sai Ram

On the 14th of July 12 devotees from London West Sai Centre visited the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Farm in Watford. We arrived around 10:15am and were welcomed on the farm by Brother Kirti who showed us to where we were going to be working for the day. We were placed on large plot with growing cauliflower that was planted earlier in the year. These were full of weeds that were preventing the much needed water from reaching the parched cauliflower. On a day such as that with temperatures reaching a 30 degree high, weeding was a more important service than ever.

The physical act of weeding brought many of Swami’s teaching to mind. Swami says –

The very first step is to remove the weeds in the garden of your heart, plucking by the roots the briar and bush of lust and greed, of hate and pride and plant in the ground thus cleared the fragrant flower plants of prema (love) and the sweet fruit trees of dharma (virtue).
Prashaanthi Nilayam: Dasara, 28-9-1965

The temple farmer who was guiding us explained how nothing on the farm was wasted. All the cauliflower that does not fully develop is kept together and fed to the cows on the farm. By tending the plants in the garden our appreciation for the food really grew. Food is a gift from mother earth that we should take with restraint and appreciation. Swami explains -

Our life is like a long journey. In this long journey of life, you should make an effort to diminish your needs and desires. It is part of vairagya (detachment) to see that the food that you take is just sufficient and there is no waste.
Summer Roses on the Blue Mountains, 1976

We finished gardening at around 1pm and were served a delicious lunch lovingly made by the temple devotees. We retired from the farm in full appreciation of the service opportunity we had been given. The day was hot and our legs and backs were tired. I’m sure I can speak for my brother, sisters, aunties and uncles by saying we rested well that night. But more than this, our consciences were too rested, as we spend the day in the service of Sai.

With Love,
London West Sai Centre Service Coordinator