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Region 4 - Leicester Laksharchana

3rd August 2013

What is Lakshachana? ARCHANA means “chanting and glorifying the Divine name”. LAK means 100,000. Therefore, LAKSHARCHANA is the name and practice of repeating in a group, the name of the Lord in the form of a Mantra.

The meaning of each word in the mantra is given below:
Aum (Om) – refers to Parabrahman (God)
Sri – Goddess of wealth and prosperity
Sathya – Truth
Sai – Divine mother
Krishnaya – To Krishna(‘full’ avatar, like Sathya Sai Baba)
Namaha – Salutations

Our Hridhaya Nivasi, Bhagawan Baba gave this wonderful explanation regarding the importance of nama-smarana in the present age:

“This Kali Yuga is praised in the scriptures as incomparably conducive to the salvation of man, for he can now attain the Highest through the mere thought of God and remembering His Name. So, of all the Yugas this Yuga (era) is described as the most holy and the most beneficent. For this Kali Yuga, the simple remedy prescribed is just nama-smarana, the constant awareness of the Name of God. In spite of this, it is a pity that men do not care for this path and so make their lives a barren waste."

Therefore we must take every opportunity to make the Lords name our very own life breath!

The ambience was set by the chanting of Vedams and Multi-Faith prayers, shortly followed by melodious bhajans which were offered at the feet of our Lord.

This Laksharchana differed from the previous ones, it was a defining moment as this was the first Laksharchana that was streamed live all cross the world! People from various countries like India, USA and Europe were able to tune in and be immersed in the anandam of nama-smarana.

"It was wonderful to participate in the Laksharchana. We felt very powerful vibrations at our home in San Diego. We felt as if we were physically there at the hall. A big thank you to the Technical Team. May God bless you all."
- Raman and Bharti Patel, Devotees from San Diego

Mr Vadgama began by sharing his blessed moments with Bhagwan and how Bhagwan chose to come into his life via a 4" x 2.5" photo. Although he was unwilling to accept the man draped in orange robe into his life, Bhagwan illustrates to us that he himself chooses when he wants to enter our life! After a brief explanation on how the Laksharchana is to be conducted, the chanting of the divine mantra began and was joined by a chorus of voices both young and old. If a prayer from one devotee can capsulate the attention of the Lord, the unified chanting of hundreds of devotees would surely spark the divinity in themselves! There were also bhajans sung inbetween the naama-smarana.

With the atmosphere fully charged and liberated, the chanting was brought to an end and Aarti was offered to Bhagawan. Mr Vadgama kindly offered each and everyone present Vibhuti and photos of the Lord. It is quite befitting to contemplate on the following lines of this bhajan and bring this article to an end... "Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahin, Hari Naam Bina Ananda Nahin..."

Jai Sai Ram
Bhavin V Jivraj – Leicester Youth