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SSE Graduation

Region Two's unique Sports & Graduation Family Day was witnessed by 111 Students, 101 Parents & Family and 35 Teachers, 1 Dog and many more centre members that attended the event on 7th July 2013. With Swami's Divine Blessing, It was a FUNTASTIC DAY; Weather was PERFECT, Food was DELICIOUS, Games were AWESOME, the Company was HEAVENLY and the Token Prize was a GOLDEN moment to Treasure.

The planning began many weeks before the event day with SSE teams across 4 centre's coming together and volunteering their time as 'One Family' and helping with the preparation and planning of games, refreshments and celebration of the SSE Academic Year of 2012/13.
However, before these two main events began, the day was blessed with Pinner Sai Centre’s usual Sunday morning bhajans commencing at the venue. The melodies of these bhajans carried into the fields giving SSE a vibrant start to the day which was further with SSE Prayers and Yoga as the British weather blessed us with a scorching 27 degrees.

All 247 participants were divided into six teams and each given a flag bearing their team name.

After each game, each team had a question relating to SSE Syllabus across all years and they had bonus points for cheering the loudest and for encouraging their team member to do well. It was all about taking part and learning to be team player.

There were a range of games from carrying water blind folded, egg & Spoon, Skipping, throwing bean bags, doing the hula- hoops, running, jumping, to playing rounder’s, football and much more.

And the games went on and on.... until it was time for football for the boys, Rounders for the girls and a Parachute and ball game for the very young. In between our teachers were on hand to distribute water whilst the parents raced each other.

Then it was time for Family Picnic Lunch...

After Lunch, our every First Regional Graduation Prize Giving Ceremony took place in recognition of 180 children's dedication and commitment in attending SSE and 80 Teachers and Parent Helpers were awarded with Gold Medal to mark their continuous hard work and devotion to SSE Wing in Year 2012/13 across 6 Centre’s in the region. Our Special Guest from the Region 2 Team, Sister Anil and Brother Senthil lovingly presented each person with their Gold Medals. No doubt Our Dearest Master was overseeing everything that had taken place from Planning to execution including ending the wonderful day as it began with Group Devotion Singing, this time by Harrow West Centre. Those who were not exhausted from a long and hot day attended more fulfilling vibrations in the bhajan hall.
But, we must not forget the input of our parents of SSE. After all, it’s the parents that bring their children to SSE week in and week out, so that we, as Teachers can act as Baba’s instruments to mould the children’s characters into Swami’s perfect idols. We Thank Swami for all his Guidance and love he showers us each and every day. Thank You Swami.

Written by Teacher from R2 SSE Wing.




CLASS - GROUP 1 YEAR 1, 2 & 3

CLASS - GROUP 2 YEAR 1,2 & 3

CLASS - GROUP 3 YEAR 1,2 & 3


A Letter from Lavanya Murki (SSE - London West)
On sports day we had a fantastic activities but without the help of the SSE teachers, the SSE students we would never have got there. So first we had the all round games where we did egg and spoon, skipping, running and many more. After that, we played a trusting game where you have to trust the person with you, you first get into pairs and then one wears a blind fold and the other guides you, tells you and as normal there will be hard thing, that thing was indeed to hold a cup of water and then pour the water into an empty milk bottle. Then we did the egg and spoon race when we did this all we had to make a chant for our team. That was really fun, after that we did some racing, then the boys and girls split up boys played football, while the girls played rounders / baseball and the pre nursery and nursery played with a parachute and a ball. Then after lunch graduation time came and every single SSE Students and teacher got a medal for working very hard at SSE.
That’s what happened on sports day! We all had a great fun and I hope there is one next year. Thank You.

A Letter from Mita Panda (SSE - Harrow West)
The Region 2 Sports and Graduation Family value day, was an event of its own kind. The day started with a clear sign of our beloved Swami’s grace, in the form of clear blue skies, with plenty of sunshine and cool breeze for everyone. It was my first experience of Sports and Family day and I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was organized and how united everybody worked as a big family to run everything smoothly. I felt, the games were selected keeping in mind both the learning and enjoyment factors. Along with other parents, I too joined in few of the games and had a good time. We sat down with the children and had a picnic lunch. For me the highlight of the day was the Graduation ceremony, where all the children and teachers were presented with a medal to celebrate their hard work and success. It was like the icing on the cake and brought smile to everyone’s face after a long tiring day .All in all for me it was a FUNTASTIC DAY, with a FANTASTIC atmosphere, AWESOME games, SCRUMPTIOUS food and some truly GOLDEN moments and learning experiences to treasure.



Children were presented with certificates on the Auspicious day of Guru Purnima, the day also being their Graduation of the Academic Year 2012/13.
A child, Akshaya Nambiar, aged 5 , also sang a Guru bhajan. It is such joy and pleasure to see their sparkling faces early Sunday morning, Swami being the motivator.
They give up sleep to get to the SSE classes. Some come from very far. Swami says:

'Just as two wings are essential for a bird to fly high in the sky, two wheels for a cart to move, so too, the two types of education are needed for man to attain the goal of life. Spiritual education is for life, whereas worldly education is for a living. Only when man is equipped with these two aspects of education, can he be deserving of respect and adoration in society.'

Written by Bhartiben (SSE Cordinator)


On the 28th of July 2013, the Harrow West Sai centre was filled with excitement for the Guru Poornima celebrations and the annual SSE Graduation. The programme started at 3:30pm with Ganash Prathana followed by Abishekam to our beloved Bhagawan's Padukas while the devotees chanted the Sai Gayatri; Sri Sai Paadam Ashtothara Shathanaamaavali and bhajans. Before we concluded the programme with the aarthi, the SSE Graduation took place.

The names of the children were read out by our SSE Co-ordinater, Sister Mita and the certificates were presented by our very special guests, Region 2 SSE Co-ordinater, Bhupendra Uncle and his wife Asha Aunty. The love and affection that they showered on everyone was wonderful to see. Along with the certificates, we received special gifts to mark the occasion. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and all of us are ready for the long break ahead until SSE starts again in September.

Written by Shana (SSE Student)