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Region 1 – YAP: Are We Ideal Sai Youth?

In a joint effort July’s session of the Young Adult Programme [YAP] was hosted by both Lewisham and Bromley Sai Centre in Region 1. With YAP being a forum that enables members of our youth to express their views and share their experiences in order to progress and develop our spiritual growth; we felt a topic that has numerous focus points would be the best platform to engage everyone present. Taking this into account ‘Are we ideal Sai Youth?’ seemed like the perfect question for us to discuss and would also allow those that attended to all personally relate to the session.

Beginning with an open question that tried to decipher what we thought were ’bad’ aspects of our daily lives gave people the chance to voice what they thought were things that could possibly be deemed as negative. Even within that it was astounding to see the many differences in what people consider to be ‘bad’.

We then moved on to a small clip of Professor Anil Kumar speaking on whether those that eat non-vegetarian food should be allowed to lead bhajans; his conclusion was that the two were independent of each other and joked that he is vegetarian, yet no one requests for him to sing as he does not have a melodic voice. Joke aside, he made a significant point and that being one’s food habits do not dictate whether they are a good person or a spiritual person.

The main body of the debate was focused around the following four questions:
1) What bad qualities do we have?
2) Why do we have certain bad qualities?
3) Is it actually wrong to do those things?
4) What can we do about these specific qualities?

Upon discussion it was clear that there was a vast range of ideas, thoughts and theories. However one thing that the majority did agree on was that it is all about the realisation that a certain thought or action is bad and that once we have come to that realisation we have to pursue whatever is necessary to ensure we cease those thoughts or actions. Our thought, word and deed must be in harmony for us to strive to be ideal Sai Youth.

Written by Saiesh Balakrishnan and Dhiran Jeyasundar