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Region 4 - Rugby Sai Centres 30th Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday 17th August at 5.30pm the first sound of Omkar greeted everyone assembled in the hall ; inviting our beloved Swami by welcoming him with prayers and mantras and our heartfelt wishes to bless the event by his presence and loving grace.

Invocation to Lord Ganesh was in a form of a Bharat Natyam dance by a SSE student, followed by a welcome speech by Dr. Siva .

Our first speaker was Dr. Prabhodhbhai Mistry one of the founders of the Rugby Sai Centre 30 years ago when Swami inspired this young devotee along with Dr. Kantibhai Parmar , Ashwinbhai Mistry and others to start the centre. Dr. Mistry gave an insight into how the centre started, the support and the enthusiasm with which everyone took on responsibilities to bring the centre where it is at present and a Sai Centre was “ born “ in Rugby. Prabodhbhai’s key message was to encourage the SSE and youths by being examples and taking on more of Swami’s Work.

Next we had songs by the SSE children depicting what we must yearn for , from Bhagwan in the form of a song titled "I have a dream" How wonderful it was to hear the children’s voices in such harmony.

We were then treated by Dr. Parmar who gave a speech in Gujarati ; sharing his experiences and how into the centre's 2nd year , a pilgrim to Prashanti was arranged and a group of Devotees set out for Bhagwan's Darshan. There Swami materialised a Lingam for Ashwinbhai; a blessing from our Lord was greeted with tears from the pilgrims.

Also the hosting of several events such as Laksha Charan attended by Dr. Dhirubhai Gadhia and activities like food parcels and boxes for the homeless was part of the centre’s regular seva.

Next Dr. Siva read a short but loving message sent by Ashwinbhai from New Jersey, USA.

This was followed by yet another song by the SSE children "We are the children of Sai" the multi coloured ribbons tied to their wrists made a sea of waves in the ocean of love experienced by all gathered.

What followed next brought found memories and happy tears to one’s eyes when a slide show of past and present events and people was presented to all.

We ended this wonderful event by a group of singers called "One World" who took us all to a different level with their Gospel type songs followed by the Aarati and Maha Prasadam.

Koti Koti pranams and my humble thank you to our Beloved Bhagwan for this wonderful day.

Jai Sai Ram - Savita Mistry