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Region 1 – Merton Centre: Youth Reunion

“EVERY activity of man is dependent on the energy he derives from the intake of food.” ~ Baba

The sun finally reappeared for the exciting day on Sunday 18th August when the Merton Youth reunion took place at Merton Sai Centre, and those days of consistent rain suddenly seemed like a distant memory.

There is nothing quite like the delicious aroma of the barbecue (fully vegetarian) wafting across our venue to set up a terrific event, from delicate spring rolls to scrumptious cupcakes. Barbecuing on this site with the helping hands of the Youth meant our food was wonderfully fresh, succulent and sizzling hot.

After refuelling our bodies with the barbecue food, we stepped up and used our gained energy to playing games. Sitting in a circle, the Youth were organised into three teams, namely Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa, where we started off with a game of Charades, acting out Swami’s Sayings, such as

"End of education is character". ~ Baba

Acting out Swami’s Sayings, knowing and understanding them allowed the Youth to link them back into their lives and guide them.

Following on from Charades, the three teams were given sticky tape and newspaper. It was the time of the day to construct the tallest tower. Some people tried the scrolling method; but others, for different results, chose simply to scrunch.

We had discussed that the foundation is very important, as the tower will stand, no matter what comes against it, relating to the Youth being the foundation to become future leaders and to grow and develop their ideal character.

The auspicious event was wrapped with three Aums and a message promoted from building the tower, the message is as follows,

“No matter what we are in our lives, no matter how strong, young and powerful we are, if our roots are not deep enough, we will fall. Our Lord has said this morning that youth is the foundation of life. If this foundation is not strong enough, if it does not go deep enough, the building of our life will collapse when even a small earth-shake strikes. Where should we base this foundation of our lives? Generally we seek an education as the base of this foundation. We think that education will give us knowledge, wisdom and intelligence so that the foundation of our lives is strong, so that we will be strong.

Without Swami’s love, without His teachings, without Swami in our lives, our lives are bland and useless. Let us ask ourselves – What will be our lives without Swami? Our roots will be shallow as those of the red wood tree. Any breeze will blow us down; even a small gust of wind will bring us down to earth. In our lives, at this age, we always seek a good piece of earth where we can strike our roots; we seek a centre of our lives. Many a time, the youngsters outside choose a wrong centre for their lives.” ~ Baba

Saaranijha Ganesalingam
Merton Sai Centre, Region 1