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Region 2 – Young Adult Programme 2013: Life...

The first session of the Young Adult Programme (YAP) 2013 for Region 2 took place in August, hosted by Pinner Sai Centre. The challenge set for us to bring to Life Swami’s Quote, Life is a Game, Play it! One of the aims of the YAP is to provide a platform through which our young adults can discuss aspects of spirituality in our lives. With this in mind, we thought it was apt to commence this year’s YAP with an event that provided our young adults an opportunity to introduce ourselves to one another and to consider how we integrate spirituality into our daily living.

Pinner Centre Young Adults volunteered to kick of the R2 2013 YAP season with a round of Ten Pin Bowling that brought out a spiritual twist! Starting as we meant to go on, we organised ourselves into teams named after the 5 Human Values. The encouragement everyone received, even from members of different teams, was very uplifting! Whilst bowling it was important to keep the deeper spiritual message in mind: The ball is like the concentration needed in Sadhana – The more we practice at making it one pointed the better we become at knocking down the pins of desire, anger, greed, attachment, illusion, jealousy and egoism. To be successful in bowling (as well as in spirituality) we had to have complete focus on our target without being side-tracked by the distractions around us.

After the bowling, we all gathered at one of the brothers’ home to have a Sathsang together. We began by sharing dinner together whilst watching an inspirational video of Swami which highlighted how much life truly is a game. As in all games, there are guidelines that should be followed, and we are very fortunate to have been given guidelines by Swami to follow in life…The 9 Point Code of Conduct. If we follow these guidelines and put in our full effort, we will all certainly win the game of life. We also talked discussed how we can remain motivated by encouraging each other in this Game of Life.

To help remind us of these guidelines and continue the “Game” theme, we concluded the session with a game of Charades. We took turns to enact Sai Teachings, including 9 Point Code of Conduct with our respective teams trying to guess what was being being acted out. Everyone was really involved as Charades proved to be very interactive. All the participants spent quality time with each other by sharing their views on "Life is a Game - Play it" and how that applies in their lives. The whole Region 2 Youth team received great feedback from those present in terms of how well the whole program went.

At the end of the Sathsang, everyone came forward to help clear up and also take any remaining food along with them to avoid wastage. It was a great evening, well spent in Learning by doing. We can’t wait for the next R2 YAP event, to be arranged soon by the Harrow East Youth Team. …Life is a Challenge, Meet it!

~ Youth Team, Pinner Sai Centre