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National Youth Satsang with Mr T.V Hariharan

Saturday 10th August 2013

On the morning of 10/8/2013 a group of approx 30 youth from across the country gathered together for an uplifting satsang with Brother T. V. Hariharan. Mr. T.V. Hariharan joined the Sri Sathya Sai College in Prasanthi Nilayam in the year 1979, two years before the Sri Sathya Sai University (SSSU) was unfurled. After his graduation from the Sai College, he served in the Administrative Block of the newly inaugurated SSSU for two years, until 1984. He later moved to Bangalore for further studies and subsequently worked in a pharmaceutical company for 3 years. In 1989, he resigned from his job and ever since, he has been engaged in spreading the message of Bhagavan through bhajans, music and talks at various Sai centres and other holy gatherings all over the world. He has composed in the region of 450-500 bhajans which are sung in Prashanti Nilayam and worldwide.

Our youth gathering consisted of Brother Hariharan explaining to us how and why we should sing bhajans. We also had the privilege of learning two new bhajans that Brother Hariharan has composed and have not yet been released on CD. He also shared some of his personal experiences with Swami.

The tone of the satsang was very informal; we sat in a semi-circle and Brother Hariharan invited us to ask him questions. The first question that was asked was: “How can we control our emotions when we sing a bhajan?” Brother Hariharan replied: “You should never control your emotions.” He explained that the purpose of bhajans is to pour out our hearts to the Lord. If we pour out our heart when leading a bhajan, others will do the same. He explained that we should find stillness within ourselves when singing the glory of the Lord and lose ourselves in that joy. Bhajans are our time to converse with Swami; our personal interview with Swami.

We learned that bhajans do not have to express just one type of emotion. Through bhajans we can dance with the Lord, we can plead with God, we can sing lovingly and be happy. We should not stop singing one bhajan, we should make one bhajan our mantra. On the first day, the bhajan will be sung as a song. On the second day we will sing with a little more intensity, on the third day we will be lost in the glory of the Lord. After 2 months of singing the same bhajan, our bodies will vibrate with the bhajan. We will then reach a state where we lose all sense of emotion and feel that we are in total bliss.

Brother Hariharan described the feeling of bliss that he experiences through bhajans. When he sings, he “asks for nothing, for Swami is giving me everything”. If we don’t ask for anything, he will give us even more than we desire.

He also explained to us what it means to be a ‘singer’. The essence of being a singer is feeling Swami within and around us and interacting with Him through the glory of bhajans. It does not mean that we have to lead the bhajans for a congregation; we simply have to feel Him within our hearts to be a singer for God. Bhajan gives us an understanding of our true nature. We should never feel that we are the ones who are singing, we should feel that the bhajan is emanating from the life force within us. Our body consciousness, mind activity and intellectual activity should come to a stop. When we think too deeply about the art of singing we lose the joy of singing.

The only true relationship we will have in this world is our relationship with God which can be developed through namasmarana in the form of bhajans. Bhajans make us steady so that we can forever experience peace and enjoy the oneness with Sai. All of us become one when we sit together and sing bhajans.

In addition to reminding us of the glory of bhajans, Brother Hariharan was keen to share some of his experiences with Swami. From this, he made us think; now that we cannot be with Swami physically, do we have the awareness that He is in us and around us at all times? Our duty is to remember Him. He does everything for us, why do we worry? We should discard our worries and doubts; only then can we be free. We should not have any expectations; by removing our expectations it will be easier to accept whatever comes our way. We should stop asking and instead be grateful to Swami for what we have. What we want from Him is often different to what he wants to give us.

Within the short space of three hours, we had been taken through a journey of how and why we should sing bhajans. We were privileged enough to learn two new bhajans from Brother T. V. Hariharan himself and were also given guidance for our own lives from him. It was an uplifting morning, reminding us of the glory of bhajans and leaving us with plenty to put into practice in our own lives.

Written by Anshi Dattani (Active Youth, Region 2)