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Region 4 - Coventry Janmashtami Celebrations

On Wednesday 28 August the Coventry Sai family gathered to take part in the Janmashtami celebrations from 7.30pm until midnight.

The programme began with the chanting of Vedam creating a divine and peaceful atmosphere. This was followed by bhajans sung for the beautiful Lord Krishna. The bhajans included some that were sung in Swami’s sweet voice including ‘Hey Giridhara Gopala’ and ‘Govinda Krishna Jai’.

After the melodious bhajans the sisters and brothers took part in a quiz. The quiz included questions about Krishna’s birth, the Gita, and Mahabharat, as well as touching some of Swami’s teachings. The quiz was a great chance for all to learn about things they did not know before. It was also good fun, especially the gentle competition between the sisters and brothers!

Everyone present then settled into watching various video clips of Swami and past Janmashtami celebrations that took place in Prashanti Nilayam. It was a beautiful sight watching Swami give darshan to his children eagerly waiting for him. There were also some lovely clips of Swami feeding his beloved Sai Geeta, and other animals in Sai Kulwant Hall.

Followed by the video presentation were some more bhajans, leading to a group song prepared by some of the Coventry Sai family. This then lead to the unveiling of our beloved Krishna in his ‘julha’, and one by one the Coventry Sai family rocked Bhagawan gently.

A quote that Swami gave about Lord Krishna:

“In Realty, Truth is God; Love is God; Dharma is God. The Gopîs and Gopalas saw in Krishna the embodiment of truth, love and dharma. What He said was Truth; what He was became Love, what He did was Dharma. They were so immersed in Krishna-consciousness that they saw everywhere and in everything nothing but Krishna. Krishna for them did not exist as a separate entity in the home of Nanda; He was right in their own consciousness, at all levels of it. These Gopîs and Gopalas were true bhaktas indeed.”

Geeta Parashar