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Region 3 - Dhyana Vahini

Amongst the Vahini Series, Dhyana Vahini holds a special place for spiritual seekers interested in meditation. The “Dhyana Vahini” workshop was conducted by Dr.N.Chunmugavel (Dentist by profession). It was hosted by Hatfield Sai Centre on behalf of Region 3 on the 17th of September 2011.

“Dhyana Vahini” session included power Point presentation, practical meditation exercises, and Question and Answers session. Dr Chun started with the creation and highlighted the importance of Dhyanam. He brought to the attention of the devotees the connection of breathing and the Mind and how the mind could be calmed. Practical meditation exercises would help the devotees to experience this. When meditation is carried out in quiet surroundings devotees felt how quickly they could attain concentration. Power point slides were applauded by the devotees for the high quality technical content.
As Baba says, “Just as soap is necessary to make this external body clean, repetition of the divine name, meditation, and remembrance (smarana) are needed to clean the interior mind.” This event helped the devotees as a stepping stone in their spiritual endeavour.

Sam Sampanthan
Region 3 Vice-Chair