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Region 3 - Region 3 Youth Awareness Programme

On 8th September, the Region 3 Young Adult Programme (YAP) session took place at the Foster Hill Sai Centre Bedford.

After a welcome by Foster Hill Sai Centre Chair, Aunty Smita Chotai, Brother Kapil Dev Prasher (R3 Youth Coordinator), opened the session by briefly recapping on the previous session’s theme of ‘Master’. Our Regional YAP sessions are a follow up and continuity from the National Youth Conference’s that took place in February on theme of ‘Master, Message and Messenger’.

This current session focused on the theme of ‘Message’ and was opened with the question of ‘What is Swami’s Message>; What did He Stand for?’ Some of the responses included;
• ‘Love All, Serve All’
• ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’
• ‘I am God and so are you’
• To see God in everything around us e.g. nature

The group then divided into two groups to discuss two different questions linked to Swami’s Message; what was meant by the message of Love? And, What is meant by Swami’s message of Divinity (being ‘children of Immortality’)?’

Concerning Love, the group discussed the nature of Divine Love being unconditional and that in contrast, human love is associated with attachments e,g, towards mother, father, friends, between a mother and a child and certain expectations are also present. In relation to human love towards God, in its early stages our Love towards God may also be conditioned. In developing unconditional Love we must learn to look beyond the physical form and see the God within all, just as Swami sees us as ‘Premaswarupalara’ (embodiments of Love). The group also discussed that Love is our nature by birth right and that worldly influences and desires can sometime interfere with this. Finally the group discussed whether Love encompassed Divinity and came to conclusion that they were one and the same.

Concerning Divinity, the second group came up with the various interpretations such as unconditional Love as opposed to loving only those whom we wish to. As the discussion progressed the following key points were raised:

• One way of recognising that we are God is by remembering we are God.
• Recognise Divinity in other people and understand them.
• Undertake selfless service - don’t just do something for the sake of doing it.

Thereafter, Brother Shyam Jamnadas, National Youth Co-ordinator, spoke about the global ‘Serve the Planet’ project as an opportunity to put into practice what we have just been discussing and take Swami’s Message of Love to the community and BE His Messengers. Brother Shyam provided an outline of the UK food bank project and encouraged youth participation in this wonderful initiative of providing food items to those on the poverty line to local food banks that are under the Trussell Trust.

The last part of the session was a workshop entitled ‘Giving with Love’, conducted by sister Sutopa Sen (Region 3 Ladies Coordinator), where participants in the session made cards, rosaries and necklaces to be given as part of gift parcels, which are to be distributed for young children in the upcoming Kazakhstan Medical Camp.

"The life of Sai, the Message of Sai, the ideals Sai holds forth, the lesson that Sai teaches the world, are all enshrined in one word, Love. Children of immortality! Remember that you are created in my image and likeness. Perfect. Live up to this image in all planes. Live like Masters! Walk this earth with your heads held high, your spirits soaring, your hearts open to Love, and believe in yourself and the God within you. Talk to me and love me who is in each. Then from each I will respond and bring you into glory"
- Baba

Jai Sai Ram
Foster Hill Centre Bedford Youth, Region 3