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Region 7 - Annual Sai Picnic in Glastonbury

The heaven’s opened and Swami poured His Blessings on the 19th Glastonbury Picnic which has become a regular feature in Region 7’s calendar.

For the last ten years, the Sai Picnic has been held in the lee of Glastonbury Tor, in the exquisitely beautiful gardens of Michael and James, who generously host this joyous satsang, on behalf of the Glastonbury Sai Group.

Over the years it’s become traditional to begin the event with a circumambulation of the gardens whilst we chant the Gayatri Mantra. There’s no doubt that the gardens receive this blessing with alacrity as they become more luxuriant and rich with each year.

The theme this year was AUM, and it was during the chanting of His 108 Names that the 60 or so devotees assembled together dived for cover under an assortment of umbrellas and gazebos. Swami seemed happy that the chanting had continued uninterrupted despite the downpour and duly rewarded us with sunshine for the rest of the day.

There were talks on the meaning of Aum, a healing “Aum Bath”, lots of bhajans, and meditation in the Shrine room...But perhaps of greatest importance, a loving satsang where devotees from far and wide, the very old and very young, newcomers and more seasoned ‘oldies’ were able to come together in an informal, relaxed and loving environment and share their love for our Beloved Swami.

Our grateful thanks to Michael and James for opening their house and gardens and providing such a Love filled venue.

Mrs. Claire Pargeter